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2017 Year-end Message to the BCBP Community from President Joey Avellana

JBA LuluGreetings of peace and love to you and your families, Brothers and Sisters in the BCBP!

It’s that time of year again when we come together as people of God to celebrate one of the most significant events in our Christian journey: the birth of Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary; the Savior of the World and God’s symbol of His covenant with and His love for His people!

This November, my wife Lulu and I were blessed to join a group of BCBP members on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

It was indeed a privilege to see first hand the places made immortal in the Bible: the place of Jesus’ birth; where He lived and did His Ministry; where He suffered, died, was buried.

In all these places, we were left enthralled— speechless and oftentimes near tears, at the realization that we were walking along the same paths, deserts and roadways where Jesus Christ Himself walked.

I have exactly the word to describe the experience… AWESOME!

The joy that this journey has created in my heart moves me to proclaim with much more conviction and certainty— Jesus LIVED, AND LIVES, among us!

Over the last 3 years, my wife Lulu and I have had the opportunity to see Jesus in a deeper, clearer and more profound way in our service as your head servants in the community.

The task of leading a complex community like the BCBP is a formidable one.

You are on duty 24×7, 365 days a year (366 last year, a leap year!) In service to the community.

You have to be ever at the ready – –

To make or take a call. Or hop on a plane, train, bus or boat even at a moment’s notice.

To give counsel and direction. To provide input or feedback.
To lend to an ear to listen, or even just offer a shoulder to cry on.

Encountering Jesus Christ daily in the Holy Eucharist gave us the inspiration and the fortitude needed for our service; presenting ourselves as empty vessels to be filled with His graces, so that we may in turn be able to share these blessings to our brothers and sisters.

In our service in the BCBP Board of Trustees and MANCOM, we would always collectively seek out His will for our community.

In worship and prayer, we could feel His Presence in our midst, giving us the assurance that we are being led by His loving hands.

And, true to His promise of always being with us as we respond to His call to serve, He has gifted the BCBP with joyful, loving communities that are formed in His ways and in His likeness.

Brothers and Sisters, Jesus is ALIVE in our BCBP communityI

This Christmas, as we once again steep ourselves in our deep family traditions and joyful merry-making, let us remember the special gift of Jesus for all of us: our BCBP family!

Jesus has called us together to love, live, and serve Him in the BCBP community.

The best gift we can give back to Jesus for this wonderful blessing is to share it with others, especially with the poor, the needy, the distraught, the lonely, the lost and the least.

May the flame of Jesus’ love for all mankind burn brightly in your hearts always!

Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year to All!

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One comment

  1. What a profound message! It has solemnly touched a chord in my heart that I couldn’t help shed a tear. I can almost feel the experience of walking on Holy grounds, blessed beyond imagining, knowing that the Lord stepped on, lived, suffered and died on the same grounds because of a great love for for me and all of us. Thank you Bro Joey! I am almost certain, your blessings will be manifold as we journey into the new year, 2018. Your generous heart and compassionate nature – sharing blessings and giving of yourselves to the BCBP community is already written in heaven. May you continue to be blessed and lead a life of example to the rest of the BCBP leaders and members!

    Wishing you and your family a better year, better health, better service and overflowing of God’d graces that you continue share with the rest of us! Happy new year!

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