3 things I learned as Chapter Head

by BCBP Editor

By Bro. Jerome Landrito, BCBP Olongapo


(The following was delivered during the installation rites of Bro. Nestor Publico as new Chapter Head of BCBP Olongapo on 2 February 2019 at Anne Raquel’s Resort in Olongapo City)

It seems not too long ago that I grappled at the magnitude of the responsibilities that come with being a Chapter Head. It is like wearing this barong. No matter how tight and ill-fitting it is, I have to wear it.

I still remember the start and the struggle to absorb the role that I had to play. I remember one day, I was inspired to write in my journal an essay entitled, “Farewell speech of an outgoing CH.” I started with what I thought would be the best starting point: Begin with the end in mind. I was hoping that painting an ideal end would be the best scenario under the circumstances. The question now: Is it really the best or not?

We are where we are by the efforts we have made. And for that matter I thank all members of BCBP Olongapo who took this journey with us. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.

To the governance team: MD Bro Bert with Sis Elsa, FD Bro Nino with Sis Helen, PSD and now CH Bro Nes with Sis Lea, FLD Bro Ed with Sis Luming, Treasurer Bro George with Sis Chona De Leon, ULs Bro Arnel and Sis Judith Talens, Bro Danny Santos, Sis Bhel Avillanes and Sis Lucy Capitulo. Thank you for taking up the challenge of serving our members. Your leadership helped create a vibrant and dynamic community.

Salamat din sa mga kapatid from other chapters who served as an inspiration to put best practices into action.

Brothers and sisters, the three years in service in this capacity made me realize three things:

First, it is about the Lord. I tried to work things out so many times but at the end of the day, I learned to listen to the Lord and seek His leading.   I have come to realize that my role was to prepare the way for the Lord and He would come.

Second, it is about the community. I remember a visit to a sick member. What I thought to be a simple visit turned out to be a significant gesture that was welcomed with much gratitude and love. Somehow that brief episode sent a clear message to me: I am here to feed His flock.

Third, when I thought I could change a community, it turned out that it was the community that changed me. Earlier, I mentioned the essay in the journal I wrote few months into my service. I thought that would be the piece for my farewell speech. I decided not to read it because of these three lessons I learned along the way.

Yes, brothers and sisters, serving has changed me in so many ways. I have learned to accept my weaknesses and surrender all to the Lord. I have learned to understand what the BCBP Way of Life is all about.

Today is about the new leaders of BCBP Olongapo. And so I thank and congratulate everyone on the governance team of Bro. Nes for taking up the challenge. I wish you all the best and may you always find favor with the Lord.

Thank you Lord for allowing me together with my wife, Lisette, to serve in this capacity. BCBP has been and will be a part of our life.

It is my prayer and my hope that many of my brothers experience meeting other brothers and sisters from other chapters. For in this opportunity, you will see the beauty of the brotherhood.

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