Advent is a time of looking ahead in joy, to the celebration of Jesus’ coming into our lives and into our hearts in a new and fresh way on Christmas. From the very beginning God designed our hearts for JOY — both the joy of anticipation and the joy of fulfillment. If we express this meaning of Advent in today’s internet language, we might say Advent@wwww.coming. We can realize the true joy of Advent by reflecting on the four “w’s” of the web address: wait. watch. wake up. welcome. With these four “w’s” we can connect with Jesus’ ‘coming’.

Why do we have to wait? Why do we need to wait? How long do we have to wait? What are we waiting for? The questions are answered in the attached ppt presentation. The presentation also discusses ‘proactive watching’, how to stay awake, and with what kind of welcome we should greet Jesus at the time of His coming.

As we wait, watch, wake up, and welcome our Lord’s coming into our lives in a fresh new way, may the joy, love and peace that His birth brings inspire us to rejoice and be Christ to others every day for the rest of our lives.

This ppt presentation was prepared by Nancy R. Catan, Portal Editor/BCBP Manila. She has given it as an Advent Recollection to various groups during the last two years. Advent@wwww.coming may be used as material for a recollection, for an Advent teaching, or for small group (action group) discussion.

wwww coming ppt 97-2003

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