The primary task of the BCBP is to evangelize the marketplace.


       Evangelization is done by sharing the teachings of our Lord both in     word and in deed. Through the Programs and Services Directorate (PSD),     the BCBP members are given the opportunities to show the love of God        by responding to the concerns of people both in the Community and in society at large since we are all part of the one body of Christ.  More  specifically, The PSD has been established to address:


=      Brotherhood Community.


=      The need for a caring system that incorporates communication mechanisms for and among the members as well as provides opportunities for fun and fellowship in a community setting.


=      Business Information and advice exchange that will benefit        affected members of the community.


=      Financial aid for deserving members


=      Socio-economic Concerns.


=      Concerns of human development and liberation especially for those     in the marginalized sector of society.


=      Emerging socio-political issues in the country that affect the         BCBP vision and mission.



More specifically the PSD is responsible for the following:


               1.   Establishes and operates a Social Action Ministry that provides      the members the opportunities to develop the practice of volunteerism, the habit of giving and solidarity with the least of our brethren. Aside  from visitations, donations, medical/dental missions and the like, all chapters are encouraged to sponsor  BCBP Ecoreach project that assists the poor in developing livelihood projects through a micro-lending program. 


2.       Establishes and operates a Advocacy Program.  The PSD will          be responsible in identifying opportunities and planning out activities that will help members actively express their support for causes that affect the marketplace, the nation and the Church.  These may cover issues relating to environmental concerns, issues on justice and    peace as well as Church positions on these issues.


               3.   Develops together with the Chapter Secretariat, an effective communication network for the sharing within the Chapter of current and relevant information that affects the members, the Chapter or the whole Community. The distribution of the BCBP national magazine, Kapatiran, is the principal method of sharing information on developments within the whole community.


               4.   Works with the Celebrations Ministry head in providing the members the opportunities for fun and fellowship.  Participation in the BCBP National Anniversary is a major project that all chapters are encouraged to be active in. Chapter fellowship activities could include the Christmas party, summer family outing, golf fellowship and sports day, among others.


               5.   Other Activities. In addition to the above mentioned programs and activities, the following activities are the responsibility of the Programs and Services Director:


                  a.   Metro-Wide, Area-Wide Activities. All Chapters and Outreaches belonging to a region or area join together on a quarterly basis or any specified schedule, for Metro-Wide, Area-Wide assemblies and significant BCBP celebrations.  For this purpose, “metro-wide” or “area-wide” denote Chapters and Outreaches that by virtue of their contiguous geographical location can group themselves together for these specific occasions.


         b.   Chapter/Outreach Anniversary – All Chapters/Outreaches          must celebrate their respective Chapter/Outreach Anniversary.


                           c.   Family Day Celebration – Chapters and Outreaches must have      a Family Day Celebration at least once a year.  It is preferred    that it be held either in April or May but must not conflict with     the National Anniversary Celebration.


                           d.   Brotherhood Special Eucharistic Celebrations – All BCBP    Chapters and Outreaches are to celebrate Mass on Christmas    Eve and Easter Sunday.  


e.       Brotherhood National Day of Thanksgiving and Intercession –        All Chapters and Outreaches nationwide are called to observe     the Brotherhood National Day of Thanksgiving and Intercession every First Friday of January. The occasion shall be highlighted by a Eucharistic Celebration, intercessory prayers and fasting.   This affair should be an occasion to thank the Almighty for all      the blessings and graces for the past year, and signals the start    of activities for the current year.




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