Year 2009 was an exciting one for BCBP. It was the first year for the new team of BCBP leaders in the Board of Trustees headed by Chairman Bobby Atendido, BCBP Alabang, and the ManCom under the leadership of BCBP National President Larry Veloso, BCBP Cebu. You may become acquainted with them through their respective pictures and positions on this website: click on ABOUT/Organization.

Get updated on breakfast venues and the members of each chapter’s governance team by clicking on CHAPTERS. Discover which chapters have their own websites; if your chapter doesn’t yet have a website, this is the time to set one up so we can link it with the national portal.

The National Anniversary Celebration, NAC 2009, was held in April in Baguio. During the celebration BCBP’s Community Portal website was launched by Joey Avellana, NSC Programs and Services. From launch to January 1, 2010, the site has been visited on the average of 242 hits per day.

Other significant activities during 2009 may be viewed on this website. On the BCBP GALLERY/Videos, eight videos are posted for your viewing, including video coverage of the NAC 2009 and invitation to NAC 2010 in Davao, BCBP North Metro Manila’s Christmas Mass (12-24 at Camp Aguinaldo, Q.C.), BCBP Cebu North Christmas Party, BCBP Greenhills 25th Anniversary Celebration, BCBP So Tagalog 2’s Regional Assembly and Fellowship on Nov 27 in Lipa City.

Over 170 pictures of BCBP people and activities can be viewed in the GALLERY/Photos in the 25 photo albums posted there.

To update yourself in BCBP News, read through the 23 News Reports accessed from the HOME PAGE. Eight columnists comment on various issues and offer their reflections on life in the BCBP. Be sure to check out the Portal’s Q & A page, and the Articles and Features pages for more interesting, informative, and entertaining “reads”.

One “Must Read” section is that of the Personal Testimonies . In this section more than 15 BCBP men and women have shared their experiences in bringing Christ into their respective marketplaces and how being a Christian businessman/woman has changed their lives. You will find their testimonies inspiring and uplifting, proving that it is, indeed, possible to be a hands-on Christian in today’s worldly business environment.

Throughout the BCBP Community Portal’s pages you are invited and encouraged to send in your comments and questions, contribute your personal testimony, and share articles that you believe would be of interest to BCBP viewers.

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