BCBP CDO-East Chapter Holds 2nd Oratorical Contest

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To promote BCBP’s Be Honest advocacy, the Cagayan de Oro East Chapter conducted its second “Be Honest Oratorical Contest” last October 4, 2018 at the Nursing Amphitheater of Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City. 

CDO East Chapter Head Bobby, Cabrera, City Councilor Suzette Daba, Court of Appeals Justice Romulo Borja, 2nd Be Honest Oratorical Contest Champion Abish Michaela Porpor of Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan, XU Coach, Dulce Potenciano of the Local School Board, and businessman Peter Paul Paladio

The 11 Contestants of the 2nd Be Honest Oratorical Contest with the Panel of Judges and BCBP CDO East Chapter Head Bobby Cabrera

BCBP CDO East Chapter Head Bobby Cabrera with PSD Head Tonyboy Fernandez and Bro. Kim Salcedo of Merry Child School

Eleven private schools brought forward the best orator from their Junior High School for this tough competition.  These students were given ample time to develop th eir speech and prepare to deliver them in public.  During the event, the venue was filled with nervous coaches, excited cheerers, supporters, and our supportive BCBP members. 

Interestingly, each gave a different point of view to the simple phrase “Be Honest”.  Most developed their speech from an ethical and logical perspective with one contestant extensively discussing the Heinz Dilemma.  Spiritually, how we are called to be honest by obeying God who speaks to us through our conscience. Some focused on how dishonesty in business and public service erodes society. Another elaborated how we lose credibility when we do not speak truthfully as portrayed in Aesop’s fable “The Boy who Cried Wolf”. One contestant shared his personal struggle as a student with being honest at home and during exams in school; and celebrated how modest citizens are able to triumph the temptation and practice the virtue of honesty by returning bags with substantial cash left behind in taxis and at the airport. Importantly, these millennials aptly expressed their generation’s struggle for honesty in the face of social media where deception and exaggeration of stories are common, fake news abound, and when bashers have no regard for tact, feelings and the truth. 

Contestants were not only judged for the manner and mastery of speech delivery, but also for the depth of their ideas.  The panel of judges were:  Justice Romulo V. Borja of the Court of Appeals as the Chair, CDO City Councilor Suzette Magtajas Daba, Ma. Dulce Tiro Potenciano the Focal Person for Education and Exercise of the Local School Board, and Peter Paul Paladio from the business sector.

Abish Michaela A. Porpor of Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan was declared as champion of the 2nd Be Honest Oratorical Contest, second place was awarded to Leela Lara S. Galvez of Kong Hua School, and third place went to Marc Tristan G. Macasaol of Liceo de Cagayan University. 

Other schools who participated in the contest were:  Cagayan de Oro College-Phinma, Capitol University Basic Education Department, Lourdes College, Merry Child School, Pilgrim Christian School, Rosevale School, Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School, and St. Mary’s School.

On the whole it was an eye-opening event tremendously enjoyed by everyone.  As Justice Romulo V. Borja declared, it was a highly commendable undertaking of the BCBP for the contest not only encouraged the youth to be great and deep thinkers yet also continued the classical art of oration.

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