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By: Eva Solima C. Tonelete

According to Mother Teresa of Calcutta… “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

The BCBP Cebu Central in partnership with CP Kelco Philippines, Inc., a multinational company located in Sibonga,Cebu, led another Medical-Dental Mission last August 3, 2014. The beneficiary of this outreach program was Brgy. Somosa, a remote depressed area in the Municipality of Tabogon, located in the northen part of Cebu. It is not altogether surprising why BCBP Cebu Central favored Tabogon. It is because this is one of the barangays badly hit by typhoon Yolanda last year and there was a real need to uplift the health condition of our poor brothers and sisters in Barangay Somosa. The mission was fueled by the theme: “Kaayuhan Ninyo, Pangandoy Namo (Your Wellness is our Desire)”

This is not the first time the BCBP community made a social intervention in Tabogon. In November 2013, the town was also a recipient of the kindness of the BCBP members when Yolanda did not spare the town from its wrath, leaving the people homeless and without livelihood. This gave us an opportunity to show kindness and mercy. All these were made possible through the active leadership of our governance and the generous hearted members of our BCBP Community. Our underprivileged brothers and sisters must have been deeply touched by the concern our community have shown them. How the Mission Team showed their love by leaving their families behind, sacrificing their businesses and professions, waking up early just to spend a day with them, leaving the comforts of their homes, sharing their skills and talents as well as their precious time and effort. It is truly inspiring how the members put into heart the Vision & Mission of the BCBP Community.

I am truly grateful for our teachings. It did not go down the drain … instead it has been well inculcated in the hearts of every BCBP member. The virtue of OBEDIENCE – that made us submit to authority of our community leaders – has played a significant role in making our mission a success.

Our community is likewise humbled by the charity that our DOCTORS, NURSES, RTK Company & its STAFF, and the management and staff of CP KELCO PHILS., have overwhelmingly shown through their professional services and by the companies’ show of social responsibility. It is indeed heartwarming and humbling to see all these committed people in action … all for the glory of GOD! Oh well, we have been abundantly blessed by the Lord through our businesses and professions… it is just but right TO PASS IT ON!

2Is there a need to do it again? Oh yes! I recalled an old man whose weight was to be measured. He stepped into the weighing scale but unknowingly his foot landed on the reading scale. Bro Jun Presas showed concern and quickly asked him to adjust his position so his weight can be read. The old man apologetically uttered: “Pasayloa ko kay karon pa ko katungtung ani (Forgive me because this is my first time to step on a weighing scale).” This touched my heart. It just shows that they reached old age before getting even the opportunity of using a weighing scale. This is how deprived they have been from medical facilities and most probably of medical health care. There is still so much to be done. Sometimes the smallest things that often go unnoticed make the biggest impact.

To God Be the Glory!

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