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Here are nine questions to find out how much you know about some of the basic tenets of the BCBP. For instance, do you know why the BCBP is a men-led organization? Do you know what are the four basic criteria of good membership in the BCBP? Take this quiz and refresh your memory.

Why is the BCBP a men-led community?

The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals was formed to:

What is the role of women in the BCBP?

What is the most important unit of the BCBP government structure?

Why is the answer to the last question considered the most important unit of the BCBP?

What are some guidelines for those who serve as leaders in the BCBP?

The major positions of leadership in a BCBP chapter are:

BCBP members and leaders, because of their love for Christ and the call to evangelize the marketplace, espouse one or more of the following:

There are four basic criteria of good membership in the BCBP. They are:

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  1. 9/9 Perfect!

  2. HI Tita Nancy,
    My score is 9/9 “unbeatable”. Perfect ! I need questions more challenging,

    God bless BCBP.

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