BCBP Guam Outreach holds historic face-to-face event

by BCBP Editor

This year’s Memorial Day holiday became extra memorable for the members of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) Outreach in the island of Guam, USA, as they finally gathered face-to-face after more than a year of social distancing due to the pandemic.

In a Facebook post, an ecstatic Dr. Isidra “Sis. Cyd” Coloma relayed how special the event was, with 35 BCBP members and their families celebrating a Thanksgiving Mass and enjoying a sumptuous lunch at the latest favorite restaurant of Filipinos in Marianas — the newly opened Max’s Restaurant in Dededo.

“Glory and praise to God!  We finally gathered as one family after more than a year!  It was indeed a beautiful Memorial Day celebration,” said Sis. Cyd.

BCBP Guam chaplain Fr. Val Rodriguez led the Thanksgiving Mass, with old and new members of the BCBP and their children participating.

The event served as a warm welcome to the BCBP family for 12 new graduates of the Brotherhood of Christian Life Program (BCLP) #4 of BCBP Guam.

The 12 were part of the 45 who completed 14 Saturdays attending an online BCLP conducted by the Southern Metro Manila Region (SMMR) 1.

They were Aldwin and Christine Calubaquib, Erwin Dayao, Rosita Dones, Pelagia Garcia, Gerry and Tessie Marcos, Corazon Montellana, Nelly Pascual, Rhodora Quilatan, Geraldine Sayo, and April Sinon. For their graduation, they received tokens directly sent by the organizers in the Philippines.

“We would like to congratulate and  welcome the 12 graduates to our BCBP Family.  May they continue their faith journey.  God bless,” said Sis. Cyd who acknowledged the help of the members of the BCLP Guam Service Team, namely, her husband Oscar Coloma, Beth Cena, Jun Dayao, Larry Gozum, Jenny Gozum, Imelda Rosales, Flor Martinez, Beth Cena and Donna Pabalan

The Memorial Day event also honored  three daughters of BCBP members who just graduated — one from college and two from high school.

The college graduate was a Math major, Magna Cum Laude, from University of Guam, and the other as class valedictorian from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam.

Katlen Banes graduated from the University of Guam, magna cum laude, with a BS in Mathematics degree, while Cecilia Cesa and Kayla Angeleen Paguio both graduated from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam, with Cesa emerging as class valedictorian.  

Sis. Cyd said it was truly refreshing to be able to physically fellowship with BCBP brothers and sisters, and see them not only through computer or mobile phone screens.

She is praying that the Covid-19 situation would continue to improve so BCBP Guam would be allowed to resume its regular Saturday breakfasts.

Guam has practically flattened its Covid-19 infection curve since February 2021, with no fatalities. Guam has also vaccinated half of its 167,000 population as of early June, and it already allows those completely inoculated to resume activities without masks or social distancing.

“US citizens coming to Guam no longer need to be quarantines if they have been fully vaccinated,” Sis. Cyd shared.

The BCBP Guam Outreach began in 2018 as a businessman’s breakfast. Since then, Sis. Cyd and husband, Architect Oscar “Bro. Oskee” Coloma, have been actively shepherding the growth of the community among Filipinos living and working in the island. 

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