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This is a report filed by CH Rene Medrocillo, BCBP Imus, of the humanitarian social action effort of Imus Chapter in Noveleta, one of the towns hardest hit by the recent floodwaters. We have a couple member who lives there, Larry and Evelyn Pechino, who fortunately were not harmed at all and who vigorously and generously helped in cleaning and putting the parish church back to functional order.

Together with our tireless PSD Roy Abad, we made preparations for this effort, texted all our members for donations and gathered them all in bro Roy’s house. The donations basically came from the hearts and homes of BCBP Imus community. Only the Parish and its workers would know how many families benefitted from our relief efforts.

In Noveleta, the whole Parish area and the neighbouring villages were under flood waters. Some as high as second storeys of their houses. The church floor was submerged higher than the height of pews (4-5 feet). Outside the church, it was deeper. This is the first time that it happened in the area. People lost clothes and household items as they were either damaged by water and mud or carried away by the flood. There were no food left in the households, and nearby stores closed. Transportation was almost impossible. Many of the residents said that the flood was aggravated by the waters from a broken dam and passing by and meeting the high tide in Manila Bay.

Imus Chapter decided to give the relief goods through the Parish to avoid the troubles of politics. Trusting in the system of relief distribution of the parish, the Chapter thinks it is the best and most suitable way. The Parish Priest, Rev Fr Mario de Leon graciously received us and our help. Thereupon, we assured him that a second batch of help is coming, this time consisting of sanitation kits and materials for post-flood recovery. The Parish Priest happily expressed gratitude and gave us his blessings for the neighbourly deeds of support and charity for the people of Noveleta.

We pray that our little help can bring back comfort to these people’s hearts and a heartfelt assurance that somewhere from a nearby community, a load of charity and goodness is ready to come in difficult times from people they do not even know … from the BCBP.

The BCBP is indeed a support system, and more than just that, it is a support system with a big big heart.

We are so happy to be part of this effort of charity and kindness.

Imus Chapter also contributed to Imus via DSWD. They called up our PSD Roy and asked for 1 sack of rice only. We decided to give 2 sacks.

Shown in this photo is Ms Hermana Revilla, Municipality Officer of DSWD in Imus together with our relief team from BCBP Imus Chapter.

So from the happy members of Imus Chapter… God bless us always.

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