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By Roy Calleja, BCBP Quezon City
Chairman BCBP Board of Trustees
NAC36 Saturday’s Business Forum Talk

Good morning brothers and sisters.

I was first called to mission when as an Action Group Leader in 1987, our Mission Director the late Ka Turing Orlina told me that I would head the Corporate Evangelization of BCBP QC and that I would receive training.

IMG_2319Just after he told me this, a brother, Jun Capacillo, head of HR of Arms Corporation of the Philippines, the maker of guns and ammunition, announced in the BCBP QC Breakfast that he was asking the BCBP to set up a Corporate Evangelization Program in his company. Ka Turing stood up and said there is a team headed by me who is ready for this. I told myself what team, I have not yet been trained? Then Ka Turing came to me and gave me a book on the Life In The Spirit Seminar.

I talked to my AG to tell them about our assignment to get them involved. After this, we met with Jun Capacillo and the core group of Armscorp. Then we started a Life In The Spirit Seminar in Armscorp. After the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the last talk of the LSS, I went there weekly for meetings for formation and strenthening of the core group. Most of the time I went alone as the members of my action group were not available specially during the rainy season with the floods in Concepcion, Marikina. I learned what multi tasking in mission meant as most of the time I was emcee, speaker, music ministry and sharer at the same time.

After this, I nurtured bad feelings against God. I told him I was alone most the time, I was not trained, I had committed a lot of mistakes which the participants saw. When I complained about this to God, He told me, “Yes, you were young, yes, you were not trained, yes, you were alone most of the time and the members of the prayer group saw your mistakes. But look at the fruits, everyone who was called stayed. Even if they saw your mistakes, they saw the love behind your perseverance.”

Then I understood that evangelization is sharing Jesus’ love for me with others.

IMG_6554I learned of the depth of the BCBP mission during the Mission and Vision Planning or what I call NSPR 0 (National Strategic Planning Retreat 0) in 1992 in the East Asian Pastoral Institute in Ateneo. In NSPR 0, we planned for the future growth of the BCBP by identifyng the business centers for the BCBP to target and assigning them to the small number of Chapters then existing in 1992. Then we were asked to pray for the areas assigned to us and ask Jesus to confirm through future events the truthfulness of the assignment.

I was skeptical as I thought we were just a small group planning for the evangelization of the business centers in the Philippines but my doubts vanished when God provided the manpower resources for the QC chapter to open an outreach in its assigned area, Baguio, including financial resources as our Tithes reached a high of P150,000.00 in one month from an average of P6T-P10T/ month when we did not have any mission breakfast.

In early 2015 as NSC for Mission, I used this area mission assignment again when we set as target to double the number of local Chapters, Outreaches and Missions from the start of 2015 to the end of 2017.

The BCBP’s international mission, as shared by Sadi Saguisag, started with members going overseas specially in North America either to work and/or to give their children a better chance for livelihood. These BCBP brothers and sisters wanted to experience again the BCBP Way of Life, the BCBP’s Formation and Support System. Because authentic formation leads to mission as in Ps 116 “How can I make a return for all the blessings you have given me”, these groups then started to open mission breakfasts to evangelize others initially in Toronto then in North America, Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta. The Asean Integration where the barriers of traveling and doing business in the Asean region were removed by the end of 2015 further opened up the region to BCBP mission.

I was also asked by President Joey to attend the Cure Our World Conference in Bangkok sponsored by the Catholic Business Group of Thailand or CBEG and UNIAPAC, an international association of Christian Business Executives based in Paris. I received an email from the organizers to present the mission of the BCBP specially its programs to Change The Face Of Business. After my presentation where I also discussed the problems facing the BCBP, Pierre Lecocq of UNIAPAC approached me inviting me to be a member of the UNIAPAC alliance and told me “BCBP, you are organized in Asia. Take the lead together with Thailand and Indonesia.” Other Asian delegates from countries such as India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and others approached inquiring about the BCBP and extending warm invitations for the BCBP to visit them.

When I got back to the my room, I asked the Lord, “Are You telling us to go abroad? What about logistics, resources, funds, where will we get it? The international mission opened prior to this was a result of a need by BCBP members abroad. But this time, are you, Lord, calling us to open international missions pro-actively.” I had a lot of fears but my main concern was “is this a true calling from the Lord”?

Then during the National Strategic Planning Retreat in August in Tagaytay, 2 things happened.

1. We discussed the problems in Jakarta to reach not only to Filipinos but also to local businessmen and form alliances in Asia. The core group of Indonesian businessmen we felt needed to know more of the Way of Life of the BCBP and so a decision was made to invite them to Cebu to experience the BCBP Way of Life. Also it was decided for the Catholic business groups like PUKAT of Indonesia, BCBP of the Philippines and CBEG of Thailand to meet in Indonesia to discuss the formation of the Asian Alliance of Christian Business Executives.

2. The other event was the result of NSPR 5 calling the BCBP to also focus on International mission.
This was a confirmation of God’s call in the Cure Our World conference in Thailand for the International Mission of the BCBP.

But to me the final confirmation were the sharings last night here in Cebu and the theme “Go Forth and Set The World On Fire”.

Brothers and sisters, truly the Lord is calling us to GO FORTH AND SET THE WORLD ON FIRE. Let us enthusiastically and boldly answer a resounding YES!

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