Each year the BCBP National Anniversary Celebration, NAC, focuses on a theme that echoes the thrust of the BCBP during that year. In this quiz we review some of the NAC themes. How many themes can you identify … including the BCBP chapter host and year?

1. The 2010 30th NAC was hosted by Davao City with the theme:

2. Cebu hosted the 2005, 25th NAC. The celebration centered around the theme:

3. "Love One Another" was the theme of the 2007, 27th NAC. Where was this NAC held?

4. The 20th NAC was held in Subic, with host chapter Las Pinas in charge. The theme for that year, the year 2000, was:

5. In 1995, the 15th NAC was held in Cebu with the theme:

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