BCBP San Pablo Chapter Plans and Programs

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  • First Hermit is the official newsletter of BCBP San Pablo Chapter published quarterly.
  • It was formally introduced and launched in the second quarter of 2008.
  • The title “First Hermit” was taken from our City Patron Saint, Saint Paul the First Hermit.
  • It captures wholly the identity of BCBP San Pablo Chapter – honest, patient, dedicated and passionate in serving our dear Lord and our community.
  • It also depicts our life struggles and the challenges we endured and learned towards creating better persons of ourselves and our brothers and sisters.
  • We pray that First Hermit serves its purpose in dissipating knowledge, sharing life experiences and celebrating and proclaiming the Goodness of our dear Lord through informative and life changing articles through the guidance of our Lord.
  • Contributions are greatly encouraged subject to editing, reformatting and selection.
  • Articles, short stories, artworks, poems and any other material may be submitted in person or through email at bcbp_sanpablo@yahoo.com

Due to the high cost of printing and days of waiting for the output hard copy, the PSD realized the need to adapt in the fast changing technological advances in the country, i.e., the internet.

  • In the first quarter of January 2011, the PSD introduced and adapted an innovation in the release of newsletters, the iNewsletter.

During the dates of release of the First Hermit iNewsletter, anyone can easily download the latest newsletter online at our Facebook Account (bcbpsanpablo@yahoo.com). Updates are actively made and back issues are also available for download.

This is the newest, fastest and cheapest way of releasing newsletter and disseminating information reaching not only the members of BCBP San Pablo Chapter but also other members of the community worldwide.

  • Some sample title pages of the newsletter First Hermit:


• To date, we have been serious to our commitment of propagating Our Be Honest Advocacy.

• PSD has already installed a total of ___ signage in San Pablo City.

• One of the PSD’s greatest achievements was to install Be Honest Signs in ALL of the public elementary and high schools – nineteen (19) elementary and seven (7) high schools.

• As an expansion of the advocacy, we are mobilizing to also put up Be Honest Signs at private elementary and high schools in the near future.

• Prior to this, we have already made a mark in the city when we unveiled our Be Honest Billboard in the heart of the plaza.

• In addition, two (2) Be Honest Billboards were strategically installed in two prime spots at Sampaloc Lake Jogging Area where hundreds of joggers pass everyday.

• PSD has also put up a Be Honest Sign in front of the Saint Paul the First Hermit Parish.

• Moreover, PSD has also reached the government sector by putting Be Honest Signs in four (4) barangays particularly Brgy. San Mateo, Brgy. Del Remedio, Brgy. San Marcos and Brgy. Sta Maria Magdalena.

• We are currently negotiating to add more signages to more barangays in the city.

• Several private businesses are also supporting our campaign. A total of ___ Be Honest Signages were already installed in different business establishments.

• As the PSD plans to expand the advocacy even further, PSD has launched the BE HONEST BE SPOTTED campaign in the social media website called Facebook.

• This is a follow up attempt from BCBP San Pablo Chapter to amass the internet of Christ-centered information. Be Honest Be Spotted is a strategy whereby institutions like the academe, businesses and private establishments are featured on our Facebook Account for supporting our Be Honest Campaign by proudly putting up Be Honest Signs in their establishments. It tries to tease the members of the online community particularly Facebook, where millions of users abound every hour, to join our cause in living an honest life. This is a wise strategy that aims to achieve our objectives through practical and far reaching means. We are reaching not only San Pablo City but even beyond borders through the use of the latest technology available to man. Check it out yourself by visiting our Facebook Account by searching BCBP San Pablo Chapter in the search box.

• Its effectiveness has been proven through the number of likes, shares and comments of the online members of the said social media.


• BCBP San Pablo Youth was given life after the first set of our children graduated from the Youth Christian Life Program (YCLP) 2, held at St. Brigitte’s Seminary at Tagaytay City in the year 2006.

• BCBP PALS (Pro-Active Loving Servants of the Lord) or BCBP Youth® – perhaps now a trademark of the BCBP San Pablo PALS started with minimal members mostly froom the Governance Team. They are Mico Alban, Lovell Alban, Nico Longno, Rialph Guia and Jed Villavicencio, including Jonel Cosico, RJ Pagaspas, Reymart Pagaspas and Carlo Pagaspas who were part of BCBP San Pablo Outreach then.

• They chiselled a great bonding among themselves and even with other chapters and outreaches. The YCLP ignited their interests and passion to become involved in many BCBP activities and to serve our Good Lord through it.

• Now, their youth brotherhood slowly expanded as new members show interest in joining the youth activities.

• With limited resources and countable hands on their side, BCBP Youth have shown their versatility and talent as they successfully organize and assist in many BCBP San Pablo Outreach activities.

• Some of the activities that they are involved with are: (1) organizing the BCBP San Pablo Family Day; (2) their own Bloodletting Project partnered with Philippine National Red Cross; and (3) their exclusive BCBP Youth Empowerment.


• They have handled our Family Day for seven (7) years since 2006. They are tasked in preparing for the overall program, games, prizes, and everything related.


• Since 2008, our chapter has consistently conducted annual blood donation activities every summer in cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross dubbed as “Dugo Mo. Buhay Ko.”

• Our efforts were given recognition by the Philippine National Red Cross at least three (3) times as of today for our endless support to their cause.


• My son Mico Alban was the PALS Coordinator since 2007. Since then, he devised different activities and programs for our youth. One of which is the BCBP Youth Empowerment Program that he developed.

• BCBP Youth Empowerment Program was started in 2009 since the youth are clamouring for activities. It was the time that (Pro-Active Loving Servants of the Lord) PALS ceased to be conducted yearly.

• As a way to answer the clamour, Mico developed the BCBP Youth Empowerment Program which is a whole day and/or overnight activity facilitated by him and assisted by some members of the community usually the PSD, which tries to slowly inculcate in the youth the importance of Christ in their lives coupled with team building activities.

• BCBP San Pablo Youth truly proved their worth in many of our Chapter activities and even beyond borders. They have many friends from different chapters of Southern Tagalog.

• Needless to say, they are the future of BCBP San Pablo Chapter. They are the next in line!

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