BCBP’s support for drug rehab in Ormoc bears fruit

by BCBP Editor

The Spiritual Enhancement Talk Series of the BCBP Ormoc North and South Chapters for the city’s Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign is bearing fruit, helping more than 700 drug dependents renew their relationship with God and change their lives.

Working hand in hand with the “Agakon, Giyahan, Atong Kaigsoonan” (AGAK) Drug Rehabilitation Program of the Ormoc City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) and the City Health Department of Ormoc City, the BCBP Ormoc North and South Chapter’s Social Action Ministries have conducted a series of talks for thousands of low- to medium-risk drug surrenderees.

Ormoc City under Mayor Richard Gomez since 2016 has responded to the call of the national government under President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs by launching the drug rehabilitation program. Since 2016, there have been around 4,000 drug dependents who have availed of the program from Ormoc alone.

The City Health Department led by Dr. Amel Cam spearheaded the training of facilitators and formed the training modules including psycho-social rehabilitations, Health and Wellness to run in the drug rehabilitation program at the unused City Hospital building in Barangay Simangan intended to reform and save the lives of low and moderate risk Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUDs).

Later on, other government agencies pitched in like the DEPED, DA, PESO, DOLE, TESDA, to make the rehab comprehensive. Thus, bisayan term Agakon, Giyahan, Atong Kaisugsuonan (AGAK), meaning “Guide our Brothers”, Drug Rehabilitation Program was born. The program formally started in 2017 with thd BCBP Ormoc North Chapter taking charge of the spiritual enhancement aspect of the drug rehab program.

Below are the stakeholders of the AGAK Drug Rehabilitation program with their respective tasks.

Ormoc City Councilor Kuya Mayong Rodriguez, who was a former BCBP Area Managing Director (AMD), was the head of the City Council’s Committee on Health. He invited the BCBP through outgoing Chapter Head Dr. Lito Paradela to get involved in the drug rehabilitation program through its Social Action Ministry by conducting Spiritual Enhancement seminars and lectures among drug surrenderees. Dr.Lito Paradela asked permission from Regional Council Director Rick Nepumoceno and AMD Bebot Gillesania and started making the BCBP Spiritual Enlightenment Series modules based in the Christian Life Program format to be used in the program with assistance from the Mission Heads Arnel and Teena Magalso. Dr. Lito Paradela then formed the core speakers bureau for the talks.

At least 729 people have been saved from possible death and destruction from the drug menace. They have been able to reunite with their families, be gainfully employed, and be assimilated back to mainstream society. Most importantly, they were able to go back to God.

As said in Luke 15:10, ”In just the same way, I tell you,there will be rejoicing among the angels of God over one sinner who repents”.

Ormoc City is now declared Drug Free and the Safest City in the entire country. The Dangerous Drug Board has commended AGAK as Top 5 in the National Best Practises for Drug Rehabilitation Program awarding Ormoc City with a P5 Million new building and a service vehicle. DILG National Office awarded BCBP Ormoc North as the Top ADAC Partner of LGU Ormoc AGAK Drug Rehab through out in Region 8.

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