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By Boy Villanueva, BCBP Cebu South

gods plan for meIn the book God First by Ken Wilson, it says and I quote “In human terms, it is not easy to decide to follow Jesus Christ and to live our lives as Christians. Jesus requires that we surrender ourselves to him, relinquish our aspirations for our lives, and submit our will to God. Men and women have never been able to do this easily; if we could, we wouldn’t need a savior”. As I reflect on these words and try to equate it with my commitment to Christ in our community, I have learned that I have still a long way to go to be a good living Christian.

Yes, I have my daily prayers, I have my service in the brotherhood, but still I question the Lord every time I meet some new set of obstacles and problems in my life. I find it hard to really understand what God wants in my life and understand what it really means practically to obey the first commandment of God – to Love God with our whole mind, heart and strength.

I have come to realize that it is really hard living as a Christian in line with what God really wants from us. To be able to live successfully as a Christian we need more faith, grace and wisdom which are freely available from the Lord for those who seek them from him. I must understand the Lord’s message in my daily scripture reading and apply it in my relationships with one another and in my service with the community.

In my few months as an AMD, I have learned that the Lord had me accept this assignment of service since he wants me to apply his teaching not only to my life but likewise to the lives of those who are under me in service. I have to understand that as a leader I have to help many people grow as faithful servants of the Lord and to make his teaching available to everyone.

Again, living as a Christian is not an easy task, but we and I have to attain basic maturity in my Christian life for my leaders and members to follow. To grow in living the Christian life, I must learn to increase my faith, my love for God and neighbor in order to grow more spiritually for the Lord.

To God Be the Glory…

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