I’m Bro Ronel, PSD of Kalibo Chapter.  I just want to inquire from you the “how to’s” of sending an announcement through this website.  — Ronel Tersol, BCBP Kalibo

Thank you for visiting and using the BCBP website.  As for posting announcements, it would depend on what kind of announcement.  If it is of national/regional importance, just send it through FEEDBACK, and the Portal Team will post it.  If the announcement is that of an upcoming BCLP, a change in Breakfast schedules, or change in governance people/positions, you may also use this venue and we will post it on the Kalibo Chapter page.  If the announcement is of a business nature, advertisement, or similar, at the present time our Business Section is still under development and not ready for postings yet.  We encourage you to put up your own chapter website for local news about your chapter activities.  Once you have set that up, we can link it to the national website.  — Nancy R. Catan, Editor

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