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Suppose someone asks you to give a mini-teaching on the meaning of the Eucharist to their action group or to a chapter assembly, or to a meeting of the Legion of Mary, or to a class of students. This presentation of the meaning of this Sacrament in the form of an acronym will help give you instant recall so you will be able to respond “yes, I’ll be glad to” without panicking.

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We find these terms in the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary (specifically the Loreto version), which was composed in the mid-16th century. Most of the titles in question are associated with the prophecies and symbolism of the Old Testament which foreshadow the role our Blessed Mother played in the mystery of salvation. We share with you some of these titles and their origin for your deeper appreciation and reflection.

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There are three simple things we can do to help us in our struggle for obedience. We need to practice listening to God, we need to be honest, and we need to listen to God with a spirit of gratefulness … for the expectant faith that He will speak to us, for the grace to hear His voice, and for the willingness to obey.

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It is man’s common desire to know the mind of God, or to see things as the Creator would have them seen, to know the Truth. Christ, the Truth incarnate, would have us see things as they actually are as we render necessary judgement in the prosecution of our daily lives. But our judgement is easily clouded by the artifacts of the fall and thus we are often driven by jealousy, envy and greed to make poor judgments.

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