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Living together in the BCBP community, enjoying fellowship occasions (breakfasts, assemblies, action group meetings, etc.) should bring us closer together. In the BCBP we are called to be a “caring community”. This means looking for and exploring ways to build bridges to the people around us.
caring community
There are five principles in really caring that can help set us apart from our every-man-for-himself society and offer hope and help to a world in desperate need of both.

Be creative. Take inventory of your resources and using your ingenuity try new ways of reaching out to others, of encouraging the downhearted or just improving your smile.

Be attentive. As you become friends, “hear” their needs, even the unspoken ones. Be attentive to the needs and resources around you, and you’ll become a true friend.

Be a receiver. Receiving gratefully and gracefully is as important as the giving and sharing of oneself. A neighbor or friend is not just someone we help but someone we can ask to help us.

Be realistic. Common sense and human limits tell us we can’t be sharing, giving and caring all the time to everyone. Practice the gift of Christian community in small, doable ways like setting aside one day a month to tidy up your neighborhood, or one afternoon a month to “bond” over coffee with some sisters or brothers that you have not had a chance to get to know well.

Be brave. Volunteer for a service that challenges you. Join Community Reach Out activities, medical missions, relief caravans to areas that have suffered natural disasters. God’s presence gives us the courage to respond to His challenges to “care” regardless of our apprehensions.


With these five principles as a guide, how can you — as an individual, and together with your action group — be more caring?

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tristan March 26, 2012 - 9:45 am

i agree with the principles. Here are examples:
> we have to walk our talk.
> live the basic ways of life of the BCBP
> let us be in service, not to be served

Bro Manny Calero March 26, 2012 - 9:31 am

We sorely missed this short but concise bits of advise when our Kapatiran Magazine was discontinued. I am therefore grateful for the people who conceived this more practical but efficient online publication. Cheers!


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