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By Bong Pelaez, Chairman BOT
MARCH 2 – celebrating 33 years of togetherness
We are celebrating 33 years of togetherness with Bengie, my lifee, and wifee (that’s how I call and best described Beng in our day one as married couple and up to this day). Our youngest daughter, Baba, tagged our “forced lips to lips” picture in the Face book. All commented they LIKE the picture.
MANLY CHALLENGE – to announce to the world thru Face Book that your love and passion for your spouse is still as intense as the day you had your first eye ball to eye ball contact.

MARCH 3 – Xavier Ecoville Groundbreaking
Xavier Ecoville had its ground breaking for the permanent homes of the Sendong flood victims. The assisting partners are: The Habitat Philippines headed by CEO Charlie, a member of the BCBP Tagbilaran, Bohol Chapter. In his brief speech, his advice to his staff was “to place yourself in the position of the evacuees residing in tents.” Definitely, nobody wants to live with his family in a tent and more so with the flood victims who lost all their personal belongings. Electricity was facilitated by Cagayan Electric VP and BCBP CdO West member Ralph Paguio. The relocation site and donation site is the brain child of Oro Chamber and BCBP CdO West member Ghaye Alegrio, a flood victim along with her family.
MANLY CHALLENGE – How to be responsive by using your job title BUT at the same time, be humble as a BCBP member.

MARCH 6 – Philippine Daily Inquirer Front Page – “We were oppressed by the Coronas”
This was alleged Anna Basa, a first cousin of Cristina Corona and wife of CJ Renato Corona, regarding the family business income. Tita Bibing was my mother’s youngest sister and my favorite aunt. The feeling is mutual. She was born handicapped but was always very independent. After graduation, I managed her finances and properties in Cagayan de Oro. My siblings and first cousins teased me as being her favorite. This was proven in our 30 days trip to Europe in 1995. She shouldered all the expenses. Her more than 30 years yaya couple knew and reminded me that Tita Bibing always told them that I would be her sole heir. I just ignored the idea. She died in 1997 and all her properties and finances were shared by all. My children would say – “sayang”, we could have had her house in Ayala Alabang. My reply would always be – “then what would your cousins say?”
MANLY CHALLENGE – how to protect your children from potential gossip from relatives for an unwise human decision.

MARCH 11 – Ground breaking of the St. Francis Xavier Phase 1 relocation area
The St. Francis Xavier Relocation Area will be able to accommodate 50+ families. Archdiocese Vicar Florencio Salvador suggested to include the name BCBP but we told him that was not necessary. BCBP donated Php 1.3 M and solicited Monark Heavy Equipment to do the road net work for free. Feed the Hungry USA thru the BCBP’s advice will provide the water system.
MANLY CHALLENGE – for the BCBP to remain as a low key partner of the Cagayan de Oro Archdiocese in the relocation of the Sendong victims.

MARCH 17 – Be Honest Fun Run
Here we come Manila! Beng and I with our adult children will participate and finish the race. See you there.
MANLY CHALLENGE – to finish the Fun Run as well as our other races, runs and fights in life and be able to proclaim: ” I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

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