In its second installment for the “Bumoto na Tapat, Bumoto ng Nararapat” campaign, BBP Iloilo City Mother chapter took to the streets again in the morning of May 2, 2010. At the helm was BCBP’s Iloilo chapter head Engr. Jimi Jegonia coordinating with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, PPCRV, represented by Fr. Mark Lester Senina, and the Director of the Commission on Laity, Fr. Joel Rudi and members of the LAIKO Iloilo. Together they carried the cry of the PPCRV for Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful, Peaceful (CHAMP) elections.

The route of the march was from St. Clement’s Church ending at the San Jose Parish in Plaza Libertad of the city. Unlike the previous march, this was a quieter one. Teenagers of voting age from the SOS Children’s Village joined the march raising on top of their heads placards containing the five qualifications laid down by the PPCRV and the BCBP: Makadiyos, Makabayan, Marunong, Masipag, and Marangal.

Participants from the LAIKO prayed the rosary. At the end of the march, everyone joined the Holy Mass at the San Jose Parish where part of the homily laid down three basic things to look for in a presidential candidate. Firstly, a presidentiable should have a Selfless Heart; secondly, he should have a Forgiving Heart; and, thirdly, most of all he should be a person with a Sacrificial Heart.

The walk saw about 200 participants walking silently, but praying with a LOUD heart, asking, imploring, begging, and pleading for God to let this election be the start of something good for the Philippines.

With the cry of “Bumoto ng Tapat, Bumoto ng Nararapat” reverberating in their hearts, they let their spirits aspire for a Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful, Peaceful process for an Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Election (HOPE). And this should be the prayer of all of us.
by Art dela Cruz, Jr. BCBP Iloilo


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