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The Board of Trustees and the Management Committee of the BCBP, in a meeting held at Cagayan de Oro City on February 18, 2012, charted the course that the community will undertake in the coming days and months ahead, in 2012, and even beyond.

In line with the policy directives laid down by the BOT under Chairman Bong Pelaez, the MANCOM, headed by President Manny Jimenez, laid out the “roadmap” to serve as implementing guidelines toward the fulfillment of the BCBP’s vision of evangelizing the marketplace, some of which are highlighted below:


MISSION: BCBP shall have an effective Christ-centered evangelization program that is responsive to the times and situation in the areas of responsibilities.

FORMATION: The core values of all members shall be strengthened and anchored on the BCBP Way of Life to be led by competent leadership.

PROGRAMS & SERVICES: The focus will be to provide the BCBP a nationwide program centered on an Advocacy that will create an impact in the marketplace.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: There shall be developed a continuing program of selection, training and preparing future leaders in the community.

SOCIAL ADVOCACY: The aim is to identify applicable programs for the different areas that will address the needs of members of society in need of means of livelihood.

WOMEN, SENIORS, SINGLES & YOUTH (WSSY): A program for caring for WSSY shall be developed using this resource of the BCBP for the benefit of the community and society.


Breakfast: Business ambiance, not a “prayer meeting atmosphere.” For all members to commit to bring at least one serious CLP potential candidate a year.
MEP: Chapters to conduct at least one Market Evangelization Program per year. Targets are government offices and big companies in the locality.
CLP: Chapters to hold at least one Christian Life Program a year with all team members required to undergo training.
Outreaches: Current outreaches, if more than 5 years, should grow into a full chapter in a maximum of 18 months. New outreaches to be opened.

Regional Training Center: To be set up, tapping as their principal resource the senior members of the community.
Pastoral Caring Program: To be institutionalized especially for the Action Group Leaders.
Formation and Way of Life: Conduct Workshops per Area. Chapter Heads to have standard monitor for the Formation life of Action Groups.

– Continue and intensify “Be Honest” and related socio-civic advocacy campaigns.
– Work alongside PPCRV and Comelec to advocate free and honest elections.

There are also plans and programs for Leadership Development, Social Advocacy, and for Women, Seniors, Singles and Youth, currently being developed.

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