COFFEE BREAK: BCBP Cebu Northeast Best Practices

by BCBP Cebu Northeast
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by Brother Sander Ugalino(BCBP Cebu Northeast Mission Director)

As the marketplace rapidly evolves in a landscape of interactive social media and personalized marketing , our approach to expanding our horizons in bringing Christ to the marketplace must be adaptable and updated.

The Breakfast Meeting is already synonymous to BCBP and rightfully so should be fully supported and strengthened. With this in mind, BCBP Cebu Northeast came up with the idea of developing a short interactive project similar to a focus group discussion which will highlight BCBP with its mission and vision and as a vibrant, dynamic and spirit-filled community.

On the other hand , there has been a surge of coffee shops in Cebu in the last 5 years and having coffee with your friends and colleagues has become a simple yet very personal way of social interaction. Merging both ideas led to the concept of using a coffee break in inviting our friends, officemates, clients and colleagues to the BCBP Breakfast.

Focusing on a short and concise discussion to small group makes it casual and personal but also indelible and effective. Change is always difficult but it is also constant and inevitable.

Basic Principles

1. It’s primary goal is to invite our guests to the breakfast meeting.

2. It must not compete with the BCBP Breakfast Meeting.

3. It should introduce BCBP and highlight it’s mission and vision.

4. It should showcase BCBP as more than a charismatic community but one that is vibrant, dynamic and spirit-filled.

5. Coffee Break Team works with the Breakfast Team to ensure proper coordination when the invited guests attend the Breakfast Meeting.

Working Guidelines

1. It must start and end with short prayer.

2. Ideally should focus on a small group of 4-6 persons preferably from the same field of work.

3. Discussion should focus on introducing BCBP but must be brief , concise , accurate and consistent.

4. Breakfast Meeting Video must be shown.

5. Must have short open forum / Q and A

6. Must maintain an informal and personal ambiance. LCD projectors and grand presentations should be avoided.

7. Can be done while on coffee break or right after end of work.

8. Must be held in a coffee shop. preferably within vicinity of several marketplace.

9. Several FGD / batches can be done within one Coffee Break to maximize the activity and make it more cost effective.

10. Must be led by the coffee break team and sponsoring bro./sis. with support of the whole community.

We started the first Coffee Break last April 11 with the small group of DOLE employees led by their unit head , Bro. Efren Vito.

They were having one of their regular out of office meetings at Josh and Matthew’s Cafe and we presented BCBP Coffee Break at the end of their meeting.

Just like any new endeavor , we have had our share of birthing pains and we continue to evaluate each activitiy and ourselves on how to improve and strengthen the Coffee Break.

Our initial plans include doing 2 coffee breaks per month and later on maybe create more teams which can be called upon anytime when a bro./sister who needs help in inviting his/her officemates or clients.

Last May 23, we had CB at Cuarto Cafe which is in between 2 nearby hospitals and invited several medical and paramedical guests and another one last June 28 at Cafe Sarree which is a Cafe at the basement of Ayala Mall right in the middle of the busy Ayala Business Park.

We focused on IT and BPO friends. We have successfully brought our Coffee break guests to the Breakfast meeting and some have joined our ongoing CLP 2.

It’s definitely a work in progress but unquestionably this project as is in all BCBP endeavors is guided by the Holy Spirit and led by our omniscient Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

The Coffee Break Team:

Head : Dodz/Aimee Maranan


Edwin Jardin
Mike Aranas
Efren Vito
Danny Cristobal
Ian Acedillo
Tony Araneta
Jojo Cinco
Dodong Villegas
Jomar Yap
Dodong Antiniero

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