Community means Caring. In the BCBP Community we encourage each other to be our true selves, even as we remove our own masks. We learn to work and pray with our brothers and sisters, not merely for them. Let us then come together in prayer and unity and honestly evaluate ourselves, individually and as a group, as to how well we really, truly care for each other.

We give you some suggestions for Caring to start your discussion.

Be sensitive to other’s needs. Take off your spiritual blinders. Do not just promise to pray for the concerns of your sister or brother. Listen, lend your shoulder for tears, then offer, “May I pray with you right now?”

Be trustworthy. It’s often tempting to divulge knowledge under the guise of “sharing a prayer request.” But if we really care for that friend who entrusted us with private, confidential or personal information, we should respect this trust in us. Yes, we ask others in community to pray with us for that person, but without being overly specific as to the prayer request details.

Be available. We need to make time for developing and nourishing relationships among community members. Meeting one another in assemblies and action group meetings is seldom enough to build close friendships. How about a regular coffee time together? Or a monthly day-off with your friends just bonding and enjoying each other’s presence?

Be a good listener. Practice empathic listening with your heart. We learn this in BCBP’s SLT, Steward Leaders Training. Silence your inquisitive mind and really listen. Maintain eye contact; perhaps a touch of your hand will help convey the message, “It’s all right, I hear what you are trying to say.”

Be a grace-giver. Always seek the good in the situation; look for the good in the other person. Focus on the goodness of God, not on the difficulties or troubles. Remember that with the rain, there would be no rainbow. Let yourself become a channel for God’s grace to your brothers and sisters in community.

Be a courageous intercessor. Step out in faith and pray for God to work miracles, both big and small, in the community. Welcome opportunities to pray for the healing of physical ailments, for livelihood concerns, for strength and perseverance in faith, for healing of relationships . When we are united in prayer, God abundantly answers our petitions and rejoices in our praise.

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