The BCBP Portal is pleased to announce the addition of daily scriptures in Pilipino to its Daily Scriptures Calendar. Check out the small text located below the Daily Scriptures Calendar and “Click here to view Pilipino Daily Scriptures”.

This Pilipino version links to “Pandesal – Claretian Publications” and was recommended to us by Bernadette “Dette” Joven, BCBP Calamba. Many thanks to the Claretian Publications and to Dette Joven.

Joey Avellana, National Service Coordinator for Programs and Services, believes that this should be a good resource for those BCBP brothers and sisters wanting to improve their Pilipino skills.

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noel ignacio August 18, 2010 - 5:52 pm

great! thank you for making Scriptures in Pilipino available on our website.


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