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helping hands smDo you really want to see the heart of God? Christian writer Paul Thigpen invites us to look around at the people in our neighborhood, in our communities and cities. Among all the changes happening around us, some things remain the same: spiritual need, material need; empty hearts, empty hands. God is calling us to open our hearts and our hands to those in need, for His love, His heart embraces everyone and is not meant for us alone.

During this Christmas season, we reflect on the abundance of God’s gifts to us, the greatest of all, of course, is His Only Son, Jesus. We know that we are supposed to share with those who have less in life … but … we have countless reasons for ignoring His call to share.

Here are a few of our common excuses answered by God in Scripture. In your action group or assembly reflect on and discuss these; then let everyone join hands in reaching out to others to share His joy and His abundance this Christmas season … and throughout the year! Give from your heart!

helping handsYou say: “I have so few resources to share.” God says: Matthew 10:42
You say: “I’m afraid to approach those street people.” God says: Jonah 4:11
You say: “I find their way of life offensive.” God says: Romans 5:6,8
You say: “I just have too much to do…” God says: Matthew 6:19-21,33
You say: “But my family comes first.” God says: Joshua 24:15
You say: “I have too many parish and BCBP activities, plus those at my workplace, that take up all my time this holiday season.” God says: James 2:14-16; 1 John 3:17
You say: “I did something last year, but the people I helped weren’t grateful for what I did.” God says: Proverbs 19:17
You say: “But how can I know where to start? There are just so many needy people around…” God says: Leviticus 19:18; Luke 10:36-37

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