Discovering my calling to bring people to Christ

by BCBP admin
By Atty. Eugene Orbita, Cebu Chapter
I am a lawyer, a criminologist-document examiner, and a real estate broker. It is in the first two that I am very much involved in. 
As a criminologist-document examiner, I examine signatures or documents and determine whether they are genuine or fake. I have worked to establish my credibility. Competence and integrity are two essential characteristics for any professional worthy of his or her profession, and I have kept them intact.
Late last year, when Christmas was nearing, a Manila-based client came to my office to engage my professional services. He requested me to examine a Deed of Absolute Sale involving a priced parcel of land in Manila. I told him my fee and he was willing to pay but he wanted my findings to be in agreement with his desire. He wanted me to be dishonest in exchange for a large sum of money. I prayed and asked myself, is that all I am worth before our God? I turned down the engagement!
It was in the past nine years of my life in the BCBP that I realized that my calling is really to bring Christ into the marketplace and win the marketplace for Christ. And that is our mission! Our chapter has recognized my efforts in bringing in more first timers. As I mentioned, I am both in the world of business and the profession. I admit in the beginning, I was hesitant to invite lawyers to our breakfast. But I wrestled hard against any negative thought and invited them to the breakfast. Our Lord said: “Just invite your prospect and I will do the rest.” My second profession as a document examiner brings me clients who are distraught as they are involved in a case because of their document.  In most cases, these clients are referred to me by their respective lawyers. And after I have served them to the best of my ability, both the lawyer and the client, I would invite them to the breakfast and many of them have come to the breakfast.   Some have become regular members of the BCBP.   
As I have been involved in the financing business, I also invited borrowers to the breakfast. Some BCBP members would tease me that as a prerequisite for the approval of the financing loan, the client has to come to the breakfast. That is of course not true. Often times the borrowers would come. 
Some time ago, I joined a civic organization which has community service as its main purpose. I made friends in this organization and started inviting them to our breakfast, too, and many came. I just have to go out and fish in many places as a fisher of men. The chapter where I belong has been giving me for several years already the award called the Saint Paul Award for bringing in the most number of first timers for several years already. While I am happy for the accolade, I did not aim for it.  I have found Jesus and am filled with joy. I cannot just keep this joy to myself. My urge to invite first timers is overwhelming. So help me God! 
I thank God for giving me the grace to find Him in all situations. I thank Him for the grace to embrace integrity in its fullness. Then with the vigor of His creation and as a disciple, I was given the grace to find joy in bringing in more businessmen and professionals to Him through the BCBP. I just need to throw my net into the deeper side of the sea to catch more men for the Lord. You, too, my friends, brothers and sisters, can do the same. Let us do it!
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