by BCBP Editor

This time for my column I would like to do something a little bit different. I want to challenge you to think, to reflect on how you would exercise your faith, Christian values and BCBP commitment in this scenario.

Here is the Case Study.

You are invited by the groom to be one of the principal ninongs, out of six other ninongs who are non-BCBP members and do not belong to any religious community. Aside from the parents, you are requested by the groom to give an inspirational message during the reception.

You acquaint yourself with the other ninongs and draw some impressions on their personalities:
Ninong # 1 tells you that he has 12 children…”WOW this guy is pro-life” you tell yourself BUT the balloon bursts as he continues ….from 10 women.
Ninong # 2’s recent separation is publicly known.
Ninong # 3 is a local politician, married BUT with a young lady escort in this occasion.

You now review the appropriateness of your prepared message.

Your prepared Wedding Message

By the Grace of God and with the blessings of your parents, you are now one in the Sacrament of Marriage. 1 + 1 = 1 and not 2 … IF not – both of you are in trouble.

There are 3 words I would like to share with you that will allow you to be only ONE and not ONCE.
” Faithfulness without Tenderness is sad. Tenderness without Faithfulness is empty.” The two words to remember are: Faithfulness and Tenderness.

Faithfulness is a given, mandatory and a commandment that you have promised to uphold in your marriage vows. Tenderness may be and can be a life time challenge and struggle. However, Faithfulness and Tenderness are attainable if you belong to a community of men and women that value the sanctity of Marriage. The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals AKA BCBP is such a community.

The third word I would like to share starts with the letter S … for SPACE. You become ONE but you can still have your individual interests that will enhance your FAITHFULNESS and TENDERNESS.

Personally, my space is mountain biking and running. I keep fit so I can always be tender aside from being Faithful. A healthy body and mind relieves me from the daily stress of the business world. It helps me become a more pleasant and a lovable husband.

Let me sum up again the three words for your marriage:
1st – FAITHFULNESS as one in spirit, one in body, and one in mind.
2nd- TENDERNESS in your words and in your actions with one another.
3rd – SPACE by taking a short break to do what you love doing.

By the Grace of God, I pray that you be blessed with a Christian family.


Now my question and challenge to you is: Should you modify the prepared message? Why, or why not?

I will appreciate your comments, just use the space for comments below. May God bless you with wisdom and insight.

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