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imusOne of the Goals of NSPR5 discussed during the National Leaders’ Retreat last Oct. 2-4, 2015 held in Cebu City is to have Youth Programs under the item “Intensify Pastoral Care”. In support of the formation of the Family Life Directorate of BCBP Imus Chapter, we have initiated in 2016 our program for our BCBP youth organized by our Formation Head, Ed & Mitch Ancheta.

26 kids of members joined the First BCBP Imus Youth Breakfast last March 5, simultaneous with the Chapter’s joint breakfast. We were overwhelmed not only by the number of participants who came but also with the excitement we saw in them (our invites were for youth ages 14 years and above, yet younger ones were just as eager to attend. We do not have the heart to say no to them!) Belongingness, Acquaintance and Orientation were the main objectives for the first breakfast.

imus1The “Getting-to-Know You” part started with the hilarious“human bingo game.” Afterwards, each participant had an opportunity to introduce him/herself to the group. Another well participated part was the sharing of expectations. Each one took part in sharing their thoughts on things and topics they want to learn, activities/events, and what they can contribute to the group. It was heartwarming to read and listen to the creative ideas of these kids. Part of what was written during the activities were their individual talents & interests. Chapter Head Bong Santos also shared a little background on how the youth breakfast came about and the plans of the Chapter for them.

To help these young people grow spiritually, they were paired with a “Prayer Buddy” to whom they exchanged prayer booklets with.

Before we ended the activities, the participants chose their “youth leader” in the person of Red Medrocillo, son of STR1 RCD Rene and Ruchelle Medrocillo.

Kuya Red will help in planning the next activities for the youth. The breakfast ended on a high note with the participants happy with their new found friends and eagerly looking forward to the next activities. They were encouraged to bring their friends and classmates to future activities as well. Youth Breakfast & activities were scheduled on the 1st Saturday of each month.

We thank God for this wonderful experience for our kids!

Submitted by Bro Bong Santos, BCBP Imus

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