Selected topics in Catholic Sexual Ethics will be offered in five modules by the Ateneo Professional Schools, Rockwell, Makati, in weekly sessions beginning January 12, 2010. Fr. Richie Genilo, S.J., a moral theologian, will facilitate the sessions. The sessions are entitled “For Adults Only” and are recommended by Bobby M. Lavina, BCBP Greenhills, especially for BCBP members involved in Family Life Issues. A brief description of each module follows. The cost for the course of 5 modules is P2,000.

Module 1:
This module begins with a reflection on the sexuality of Christ and integral human sexuality as reflected in renaissance Christian art. This reflection will be followed by an introduction to Catholic sexual ethics, focusing on general church teachings on sexuality and principles to that should guide our evaluation of sexual faults. The last part of this module will deal with the topic of masturbation and the church teachings and moral principles relevant to the topic. Cases will be presented and analyzed.

Module 2
This module is divided into two parts. The first part will deal with the topic of pre-marital sex and the moral-pastoral approaches to different cases of pre-marital sex. The second part will deal with marriage and conjugal relations. This part will discuss general teachings on marriages and a variety of issues related to sexual relations between spouses. Cases will be discussed.

Module 3
This module will deal with several topics: Problems in conjugal life (adultery, marital rape and improper sexual behavior), separation, divorce, and irregular unions. Moral and pastoral approaches to concrete cases will be discussed.

Module 4
This module will deal with the topics of contraception and sterilization. The church teachings, exceptions, and moral principles will be discussed. Concrete cases will be presented and discusses. An open forum on the on the reproductive health bill will also be included if time permits.

Module 5
This module will discuss the different facets of the topic of homosexuality. Church teachings, moral principles, pastoral approaches, and cases will be discussed. Also included are the topics of same sex marriage, adoption by gay parents, and gender reassignment surgery.

Dates: Session 1- Jan 12,
Session 2- Jan 19,
Session 3- Jan 26,
Session 4- Feb 2
Session 5- Feb 9
Venue: Ampitheater, Ateneo Professional Schools, Rockwell, Makati

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