by BCBP Editor

By Louie Morales, BCBP Alabang


It was a moving, meaningful and unforgettable experience! Yes, indeed!! Almost 5,000 souls, praising, worshipping, praying as one solid body of Christ gathered for one purpose … to win the marketplace for Christ! We were all on fire, happy to be united with one another, celebrating our achievement of 32 years in the marketplace, reinforcing our mission and vision … with the BCBP boat ready to sail onward to new markets, unknown shores and territories armed with the most powerful force ever … the Power of the Holy Spirit!

If you were present in NAC32 …. No doubt you marveled at the way the anniversary went, the program so full and meaningful you were engulfed by the Spirit of the event from start to finish…from the dramatic opening entrance … the most energetic, soul piercing worship … the powerful pray-over for our empowerment to … GO!

There should be no reason to doubt that all of us who were there … were not there by coincidence or chance but that we were individually called for the Lord’s purpose. Go … we have more souls to bring to Christ. The work of the fishers of men in the marketplace is never ending. We have a load to carry … “bring me the men” is Christ’s command.

We have been marked, anointed, and ordered. You were present when we were commissioned to continue and continue and continue our marching orders. Go!
The NAC32 command was not for you alone … you were meant to be purveyors of the chain of God’s command. To deliver this powerful message to the entire body of the BCBP community and encourage every member to do God’s bidding. Have you conveyed the message and Spirit of the anniversary to your brothers and sisters in your action group … unit … chapter … outreach????? You are mandated to share and act on the order to GO. Have we ‘gone’ and shared the message, or have we kept the GO message of Good News to ourselves?

Go…..prove it!

Whether you attended NAC32 or not, the 11th commandment (as I personally call it) is the marching order for the entire BCBPcommunity. WE are all ordered by Christ himself , by His own words to GO…MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS. That is the command and our response is only our personal OBEDIENCE … to make it happen. The work is so clear and so easy to execute that there is no reason for anybody to say … uh I don’t understand … do I have to? … I am not capable. If you are still doubting at this point or maybe I will direct this to those who only attend action groups, still debating, I urge you in the strongest terms … BELIEVE … because He also said … I AM WITH YOU.

IF you are a TRUE BCBP member … make it happen! You joined an EVANGELISTIC community….not a kneel and pray group. We are a missionary group … always in search of souls … bringing the Good News to those who have not heard. This is our mandate and our leaders are so right in bringing this to the forefront of BCBP. Just recall this how we have grown in the last 32 years. We grew by going out to bring in the souls … not by just kneeling and praying … but by going out and doing battle in the marketplace … wherever and whenever … no rules … no fear… just to bring them in!

Our leaders are truly inspired in encouraging us to move to energetically ingrain EVANGELIZATION again … and again … and asking us to FOCUS on what we are here for – ACTION.

As clear as the sun will shine from the east that is how clear is HIS command “GO……” It has been 30 days from NAC32 … we have been doused with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and we have been commanded. All it requires now is our OBEDIENCE … in the forefront of our BCBP Way of Life. Let us act on this NOW! Live it out and ask the Lord for strength and courage in your PRAYER TIME.

We know what He expects … it is our move … don’t even think about it … JUST DO IT.

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Bro. Joe Coruna May 26, 2012 - 9:05 pm

Yes tang. I hear you. You are the same commander that i idolized and adore. Wala ng “matanda na ako” o Kung ano pa ang dahilan. Basta “GO ng GO”.Thanks for waking me up from my aging, somnolent senses. ” To the last drop tang”. Basta “GO” evangellize and win the marketplace for Christ. Phil.3:13-14 says..forget the past behind, straining forward for what lies ahead..and press for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”….His promise, a fullness of life here on earth and eternal life in heaven.

Puede bang sumali sa “emphysema” boys ?

Chapter Joe


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