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By Boy Villanueva


During our celebration last Saturday which we call “REVELATION NIGHT” our incoming president Joey Avellana mentioned these encouraging words, Go, Grow and Glow….

AS I was reflecting on these words I came to realized that I have been doing the first two words, which is Go and Grow.. I GO with the decision of joining BCBP 21 years ago, I GROW when I was requested to do the different services in the BCBP, especially when I joined the mission team.

123It was in the word GLOW that I came to look back and ask myself, have I given the glow to my life more so in my service for the Lord? Have I given the glow to person I have met in my daily life, in my work, in my brothers and sisters with the community?

I may been very effective in every service that has been assign to me by the community, but have 1 been an instrument for them to glow in their service in their relationship with one another and specially in their respective families.

Again I reflect what is really glowing in my life? Is it the smile that I have received from friends? Is it the congratulatory remarks that I have received from my brothers and sisters in the community for a job well done?

What is really the meaning of glow? Webster defines glow as a throw out light or lime like something. As I ponder on this meaning , I came to realized that I have still a long way to go for me to glow and to share this glow to everyone. Not only do l have to glow but also to share the light of my glow to every person I met. I have to shine like something for everyone to appreciate that light.

Yes, I have to glow; the Lord wants me to glow in my service with the brotherhood. Your position in the community is not important; either you are a unit leader, the chapter head, the RCD or AMD for that matter. What is important is that you have extended your glow or light to everyone. What is important is for you to be an effective evangelize by bringing first timers in the brotherhood not only in the breakfast but into the community.

Your glow must be must be felt by everyone in the community, leadership or position is not important the important thing is that you have given the light to everyone you met, you have shine for everyone to appreciate your commitment of bringing Christ in the market place. You have to shine or have given your light for everyone to see the hand of God in our Lives.

Today, have promised myself to start a glow in my life by touching the life of everyone I met. To glow in my service by not only bringing someone to the breakfast but also to care and guide them in their walk with God.

Today I pray to the Lord that He will give me the GLOW to touch everyone’s heart and to continue our walk with Christ and fulfilling our Mission and Vision of making the Market Place for Christ.

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