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Here are three easy-to-read books with valuable and inspiring discussions on workplace evangelization, virtues and values, all anchored on the Bible. They each offer a different, but always relevant, view of how the Christian businessman or professional must share his faith and bring Christ into the marketplace, while at the same time bringing his work companions and workplace closer to Christ.

Towards the Evangelization of Work in the Philippines
By: Fr. Eligio Santos, SDB

Evangelization means to bring the good news into all the strata of society. Fr. Santos identifies three elements necessary in the spirituality of work: creativity, the Christ-Event, and community building – nourishing relationships in and through one’s work. He discusses the Filipino spirituality of work in terms of these three elements, in the light of faith and human values. A Salesian, Fr. Santos has been with the BCBP in Makati, Bacolod, and Cebu and has served as chaplain of several companies. In this dissertation, he is able to evaluate his experiences in the workplace with the influence of Catholic teachings, particularly of St. John Bosco’s spirituality, Salesian Spirituality, among workers.

This very informative, interesting, and readable book will certainly stimulate fruitful reflections on the importance of having and practicing our Catholic spirituality and values in the marketplace and in our areas of influence in our respective work milieu.

[Copyright 2012. Published by Don Bosco Press, Inc.]

The Wisdom of Solomon at Work: Ancient Virtues for Living and Leading Today
By: Charles C. Manz, Karen P. Manz, Robert D. Marx, and Christopher P. Neck
book wisdom of solomon
This book offers stories about work and relationships that inspire us to look beyond ourselves as we serve and lead. The dramatic stories of Job, Moses, Ruth, David, and Solomon contain universal lessons that everyone – regardless of their faith heritage – can appreciate and use to find wisdom to work and live by. The authors explore the dilemmas faced by these extraordinary figures, discuss how they reconciled them, and then apply the same principles to a variety of specific contemporary problems. The authors in down-to-earth examples show that the virtues of faith, courage, compassion, integrity, and justice can be woven into the fabric of everyday life and put meaning into your workplace.

[C 2001. McGraw-Hill, International Edition, 2002. Exclusively distributed by National Book Store.]

My Father’s Business: Guidelines for Ministry in the Marketplace
Revised Edition with a chapter on Integrity
By: Peter Tsukahira
book my fathers business
Have you ever found yourself in business situations that are “ethically gray?” Many times, the temptation to moral compromise is great and persistent. This book provides practical guidelines, personal examples, and tested wisdom on resisting moral compromise anchored on Scripture. Its topics include: Building Business Relationships, The Will to Win and Working Hard, Resisting Intimidation in the Marketplace, Leadership and Integrity of Heart, and Business with a Mission. The author , an Asian-American Christian now living with his family in Mt. Carmel, Israel, shares about the challenges of being ‘salt and light’ in the business world and the relevance of integrity of heart and priority of prayer in managing one’s life and business.

[C 2005. Published by LifeCycle Press, a Division of Salt & Light Ventures, Inc., in partnership with Church Strengthening Ministry.]

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