Hope and Shield for the Covid 19 Heroes

by BCBP Cebu Northeast

Hope and Shield for the Covid 19 Heroes

By Lolay Ylaya
BCBP Cebu Northeast

Hearing the news and reading posts from Facebook regarding the selfless service of our Covid-19 frontliners inspired us to think fast on how we could do our share. The least we can contribute, we thought was a DIY face shield that as a quarantined family we could assemble and distribute. Not to mention that this project will also address our outstanding challenge on how to recycle the almost 100 pcs long stored BCBP ID lanyards with broken clips but with straps still in good reusable condition.

Time is an element in this battle, from the purchasing of materials to production. And with the drive to help, we realized that if we can do it, then others can. Thru our post in Facebook of a very simple instructional on how to make this face shield, we experienced our first upload with the most likes, most shares and most comments.

Thank you Lord for letting us create a ripple effect on being an inspiration to others!

After 2 days, we were able to distribute 200 face shields in the district hospitals in the South of Cebu. From the windows of our car, we waved our hellos to the guards, janitors, nurses and health center workers who received the face shields. Their excited smiles on their somehow weary faces melted our hearts with joy. They are OUR HEROES, we concluded. And in our own little ways, we also felt like being our own Hero deep inside!

Now, we have an additional 3 “production homes” with families very inspired and eager to produce more face shields. In solidarity, we are targeting to distribute more than 2,000 pieces with our hope and prayers to continually bring comfort and light to our heroes.

Who would have thought that from the broken BCBP ID lanyards, we would somehow be able to bring hope and
joy to our Covid-19 frontliners who await for the unknown as they do their daily service.

Inspired by this broken lanyards story, together with a group of friends we are now raising funds to provide clothe face masks to people who are working on the streets and cannot afford to stay home.

God really works in mysterious ways!

To quote from Mark 9: 23 “And Jesus said to him; if you can, all things are possible for one who

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