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women touching the world
This month of March is recognized internationally and nationally as a time that focuses on the role of women in society. This year’s celebration in the Philippines is being celebrated with the theme: “Juana, ang Tatag Mo ay Tatag Natin sa Pagbangon at Pagsulong!” thereby paying tribute to the strong and resilient women who have brought inspiring changes into our country and across the globe.

An editorial in the March 2 Philippine Panorama Magazine acquaints us with the background of this celebration. “In the Philippine, the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), formerly known as the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW) until August 14, 2009, was established through Presidential Decree No. 633, as an advisory body to the President and the Cabinet on policies and programs for the advancement of women. Its mandate is to review, evaluate, and recommend measures, including priorities, to ensure the full integration of women for economic, social, and cultural development at national, regional, and international levels, and to ensure further equality between woman and man. Its mandate was expanded by the enactment of Republic Act 9710, the Magna Carta of Women (MCW).”

“With the recent geological, socio-economic, and political challenges that beset the country last year, 2014 brings a new ray of hope that will pave the way for healing, recovery, and reconciliation. These challenges have united the nation and inspired everyone to take part in recovery and rehabilitation processes. The Women’s Month 2014 Celebration recognizes the role of women in the rehabilitation process and their over-all contributions to progress.”

There are many women’s groups in the Philippines today that bring women together in pursuit of development in the areas of economics/business, social, family and relationships, recovery and rehabilitation of calamity-stricken regions, handicraft/small business development. There is even a Women’s Coffee Alliance focusing on women in the coffee value chain from farmer to retailer.
women for Gods purpose
How about women in the BCBP? Although the BCBP is a men-led organization, we women have a very special role to live out. Not only are we to live out our ministry as Christian women, but we are also tasked with the important and key responsibility of providing the necessary anchor of love in positively contributing to upbuilding a vibrant and caring BCBP community.

In her talk on the Role of Women in the BCBP, Nancy Catan, BCBP Manila, states: So, how exactly do we live out our role as women in the BCBP? BCBP ladies support, encourage, enable and complement our BCBP brothers. We honor, respect, trust and pray for our community leaders; whether we like them or not, we must remember that God has placed them in authority over us. We actively work to guard and upbuild unity and harmonious relationships in our action groups and in the larger community. We continuously work at building loving working relationships with our brothers and sisters in community, always remembering Jesus’ commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you.” We should have a servant’s heart. As BCBP sisters, we must strive to live peacefully with and among our brothers and sisters, remembering that we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

She believes that as BCBP women we are tasked with creating and maintaining a spirit-filled environment in BCBP gatherings; this means that in every activity we must prepare a place for His presence. For instance, the venue should be welcoming, inspirational, and conducive to the BCBP activity. Whether on the service team or not, we should mix with everyone in the spirit of fellowship with a “welcome, happy to see you here” smile.

Each one of us has some leadership abilities, or we would not be BCBP members. However, this does not mean that we boss everyone else, or that we always insist on having things our own way “because I know better than you”. As BCBP women, we must learn to be flexible, to know our limits, and try not to outshine our husbands or those in authority over us. Granted, this is a hard lesson and sometimes difficult to learn, but once learned, we enjoy freedom from the responsibility of the hard decisions, and so be free-er to be a “woman”.

Annie Salvador, BCBP Baguio, co-facilitated a “Feminine Face of God” weekend retreat for BCBP ladies some years ago. She talked about the qualities of the BCBP — BMW Woman. Who and what is a BCBP BMW woman? The BCBP BMW woman has a BEAUTY that does not fade, she has a BEAUTY that is both internal and external, natural and loving. The BCBP BMW woman is clothed in MYSTERY that allows the invisible GOD to be visible through her. The BCBP BMW woman exudes WISDOM, wisdom anchored on Jesus and His Word, and the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

When this woman walks into a room, or into a gathering, others see her internal BEAUTY reflected in her face and in the way she walks, they are intrigued by her MYSTERY, and are awed by her WISDOM. In other words, the BCBP BMW woman reflects the love, peace and spirit of God in herself, her thoughts, her words, and her actions. She shares Christ Jesus with all she meets just by being a BCBP woman after God’s own heart.
woman of god ministry
In this month of March as we celebrate being BCBP women, let us strengthen our being women with a heart for God. Let us strive to be BCBP BMW women, women of Beauty, Mystery and Wisdom, women who delight in being women, women who accept the responsibility of our unique God-given Ministry of Womanhood, women who find freedom and peace and spiritual nourishment in the BCBP, women who are not afraid to accept the responsibility of and the role of being a BCBP woman.

Let us praise and thank God that we are His BCBP women, imbued with Beauty, Mystery and Wisdom! Alleluia! –Nancy R. Catan, BCBP Manila

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Cherry c. Eribal March 6, 2014 - 12:47 pm

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