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By Joey Avellana, BCBP Makati

Capture2015: A YEAR OF CELEBRATION AND THANKSGIVING. The year 2015 is indeed an auspicious year for our BCBP community. We started the year in celebration of 35 years of working the vineyard of the Lord with the theme: BCBP @ 35. BE BRAVE. BE BOLD.

This is a call to courage, inspired no less than by our beloved pontiff Pope Francis, who exhorts the faithful to stand up to face the many challenges confronting our society today. “Assert your identities as Christians. I am a disciple of Christ. I will take my faith seriously. I will will follow Christ, loving and serving my neighbor.”

Of course, the entire Filipino nation saw, with their own eyes of faith, how courageously and passionately the Pope walked his talk during his entire visit to the Philippines. How loving. How beloved. How blessed. How brave!

Attending my action group meeting barely a week later, the topic given by our discussion leader was to share our own experiences on the recent visit of Pope Francis. When my turn came, I simply said, “I SAW CHRIST IN HIM.” He didn’t say much. He didn’t have to. His actions said it all for him. His entire persona glowed in the brightness of Christ’s love!

Another brother in the action group chipped in, “I believe we have just witnessed the largest whole-sale evangelistic event of our time!”

pope francis okFor the millions of Filipinos who came out of their homes to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis during that now historic 5 day visit of mercy and compassion, to the hundreds of millions from all over the world who watched the proceedings from their wide screen televisions, I am quite sure that many miracles of conversion and healing occurred.

Bravo, Pope Francis! You are now our Spiritual Rock Star!

Beyond the euphoria of that blessed experience, however, is the realization that we need to keep the fire burning in our hearts. The challenge to each and every BCBP member goes beyond just accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and bring the good news to others who do not yet know Him.

We must LIVE OUT our faith, in our thoughts, words and, especially as Pope Francis so eloquently put it– IN OUR ACTIONS. This is what it means to be bold– to be living witnesses of God’s LOVE through our very lives.


2015 is indeed a year of celebration and thanksgiving. We celebrate the special blessings that God has given to us– the gift of faith, the sense of purpose, and the love and caring of our brothers and sisters in the BCBP community. And with hearts filled with joy, we bravely and boldly go forth to fulfill our mission of winning the Marketplace for Jesus Christ!

Thank you, Lord God for the BCBP!

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