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10313615_10203751682191299_1456155085964997261_nCALLED TO SERVE
“Here I am. Send me!”(Isaiah 6:8)

By Alfredo “BobbyYES” Hababag, Jr., BCBP Sorsogon and AMD Bicol

I had my latest faith predicament last part of December 2015 with the call to a higher level of service. Aware of my capabilities, still my reaction had been: “But why me when there are better qualified brothers?”

A series of consultations with respected Tatangs (senior BCBP leaders) enlightened and convinced me to accept the proposal as Acting AMD, Area Managing Director, in the best interests of BCBP Bicol. Bro. Serge dela Fuente argued: “It will be best to push the creation of 2 regions for Bicol while evangelization momentum is there.” Bro. Jun Obra asserted: “We know where your heart is and you are action and result oriented.” And Bro. Joey Avellana assured: “I have full trust in your ability to lead BCBP Bicol to where it should be.”

So effective January 1, 2016, I was appointed RCD, Regional Council Director, of South Bicol and concurrently Acting AMD of Bicol Area, thus capping my 7 years of spiritual journeying in the BCBP.

Since 2009 when I joined the BCBP, I have been constantly called to service in various capacities. First as Speaker Bureau Head, then as BCLP Course Leader and eventually as Unit Leader, next as Outreach Coordinator and later on as Chapter Head, BCBP Sorsogon. When our term as Chapter Head ended last June 2015, we thought we could rest for awhile only to be appointed as RCD of the whole Bicol Region. Six months later, with the elevation of Bicol to an Area, came another appointment as RCD of South Bicol and concurrently as Acting AMD. Again, now 6 months later, effective July 16, 2016 came another appointment as AMD of Bicol Area. This time, I gladly accepted it with a resounding YES! Thus I am now nicknamed “BobbyYES”!

Our openness and willingness to answer the call of God has brought us through a cycle of mixed experiences from heart-warming appreciation by everybody to intense opposition due to unfounded accusations by some disgruntled quarters because of radical changes being implemented, but in the end there is always the sweet justification of what we have been hoping and aspiring for. God is good and always encourages and supports those He calls to serve.

535146_10203996956403001_6704215168431241651_nIndeed, the higher the level of service and ministry one is called to, the heavier the trials and tribulations plus even more are the challenges one encounters along the way in serving God and others. But time and again, the reassuring advice of Bro. Benjy Santiago would always enflame my drooping spirit and lighten up my faltering footsteps. Truly, it is a great honor to be counted as worthy enough to share even a little portion of Christ’s Passion. After all, not every CH or RCD or AMD is given this privilege.

No matter how difficult the situation might be, in the end everything becomes bearable because of God’s love that continues to sustain us through thick and thin. He alone can make all things beautiful and perfect in His own time.

Of course, my wife, my beloved Chit, plays an important role. Because of her unconditional love, unlimited understanding and unwavering support, I am able to effectively carry out the heavy responsibilities entrusted me with certain easiness and confidence. Indeed, she is the wind beneath my wings!

Fully aware that every blessing comes with responsibility and every responsibility entails a degree of sacrifice, still we are here always ready to answer God’s call because for us “Leadership means Pastoral Care” and every “position” is but a “Call To Serve.”

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