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joseph coat of colorsForgiveness: Joseph Makes Himself Known
Genesis 37:1-36; chapters 43-45

Instructions: After reading the Scripture passage, answer honestly the questionnaire below, then reflect on your answers and compare them with the experience of Joseph the Dreamer. What are your insights about yourself? Lift up your insights to God in prayer and ask Him to strengthen your heart in the virtue of sincere, honest forgiveness.

What is your response when you haven’t seen loved ones for a long time?
a. excitement
b. apprehension
c. curiosity
d. apathy
e. inconvenience
I have hurt someone else. When confronted with the pain that I caused others, I:forgiveness
a. am embarrassed
b. pretend it didn’t happen
c. seek their forgiveness
d. fear I will be punished
e. make excuses
Why did Joseph finally reveal himself to his brothers?
a. he was in deep pain
b. he was full of joy
c. he was angry
d. he missed his family
e. he was overwhelmed with emotion
Someone else has hurt me. When I have the opportunity to forgive them, I:
a. avoid the issue
b. make sure they knew how badly I was hurt
c. feel relieved to talk about it
d. enjoy mending our relationship
e. easily forgive them for hurting me
f. say, “I forgive you,” in words but keep the hurt in my heart
How could Joseph embrace his brothers after what they had done to him?joseph sold into slavery
a. he understood God had a purpose for the whole thing
b. he enjoyed being an Eygptian leader
c. his family was more important than a grudge
d. time heals all wounds
It is difficult to see God’s plan for my life because:
a. I’m not sure what the plan is
b. Nothing exciting happens to me
c. I have no great responsibilities
d. I am not willing to pay the cost
e. I do not feel worthy of being a part of God’s plans
f. I don’t have difficulty seeing God’s plan for me
How did his brothers feel when he revealed himself?
a. terror
b. embarrassment
c. shock
d. relief
I want to see God at work in my life by:god at work my life
a. really believing my life has a purpose
b. asking God to open my eyes
c. forgiving those who hurt me
d. taking opportunities to be a blessing
e. other ways:
As Joseph reflected on his life, he might have said:
a. God’s purposes have a great cost
b. I’m pleased to be used by God to save our family
c. It has been a great adventure
d. God is in control
When I refuse to forgive, my reason may be:
a. I’ve done nothing wrong, why should I be the one to forgive, that is unfair
b. if I forgive, it will appear that I am weak
c. he/she should be the one to forgive, not me
d. I am angry
e. I have been wrongfully blamed
Why did Joseph send his brothers home with the message he did?joseph and brothers in eqypt
a. to convince his father to come to Egypt
b. to show his dream had come true
c. to brag about his high position, his wealth and his power
d. to assure his father of his welfare
e. to convince his father and brothers that he still loved and cared for them
When asked to forgive either others or myself, I find it hard to:joseph forgives family
a. admit that I have done something wrong
b. be willing to change
c. renounce the sin and actively turn away from it
d. ask God’s forgiveness and go to confession
e. make amends for my wrongdoing
f. love the person who hurt me (or, to love myself)
g. let the person who hurt me love me

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