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Being a leader today is no easy task. It not only involves competency in the workplace, it also needs a strong foundation of moral values and integrity of character. We recommend to you these two easy-to-read books on ways to be shining examples of the BCBP Way of Life in the marketplace.

book lighthouse
BE A LIGHTHOUSE — A Book on Holistic Values and Ethics and Self Managing Leadership
By Madan Saluja (Better Yourself Books, St. Paul Press Training School, Bandra, Mumbai. C2005)

In these days of ruthless competition and expectations of excellence, mere acquisition of excellence and high professional and corporate management skills is not enough. Ultimately all success depends on personal discipline and individual performance. Whatever be our skills, we ought to know how to manage ourselves — self-discipline being the key to success.

Using the ‘lighthouse’ as a powerful metaphor for all that can be good in human behaviour, the management guru Madan Saluja explores some simple steps and areas to focus on what can enable a person to enjoy a better quality of life. He emphasizes the oft-forgotten but important values of life, such as truth, honesty, sincerity, commitment and self-management while trying to achieve laudable material goals. His parting advice to all businessmen and professionals — “Start Living — Stop Existing. It’s all up to you!”

SETTING HEARTS ON FIRE: A Spirituality for Leaders
By Timothy Brown, S.J. and Patricia Sullivan, RSM (St Pauls Phils. C2008)
book setting hearts on fire
Good leaders need to set their own hearts on fire before they can hope to set the world ablaze. The authors draw parallels between the evolution of modern management theories and the leadership characteristics of the greatest leader of all time, Jesus Christ. In a world desperate for good, honest, caring leadership, this book makes the case that what’s needed most today is not the cultivation of corporate profits, but the cultivation of corporate prophets.

Each of the ten chapters examines the spiritual aspect of one important area of Leadership, using the acronym of the word L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. to stand for Leadership, Empowerment, Attitude, Dialogue, Emotional wisdom, Renewal, Shaping a vision, Hope, Integrity, and Prayerfulness. Every chapter contains prayers for that particular attribute plus questions for spiritual reflection. This is an excellent little book to assist anyone in business in becoming a more effective and likeable leader.

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