Nothing stimulates the senses like coffee or tea with friends.

The English have an enviable tradition of enjoying afternoon tea with friends and family. Silver teapots filled wih Earl Grey, silver trays displaying raspberry scones and lemon curd – these make up the familiar sights and sounds of a traditional English tea.

What a lovely way to get off of life’s carousel for a time to re-focus on one of the most important things in life – our relationships. There’s something incredibly inviting about a coffee and teashop, where the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and hundreds of varieties of loose teas mingle in the air. Soothing jazz or classical music often provides a delectable environment for good conversation and a great opportunity to unwind. Coffee bars and tearooms are springing all over.

Why not invite a friend to linger with you over a warm, soothing cup of premium coffee or tea in a relaxed (or jolly) atmosphere? Enjoy the rich rewards of uninterrupted, relaxed conversation and a growing relationship (with each other and our Lord). Growing relationships take time and planning – coffee grounds and tealeaves may just be the best fertilizer of all!
Source: Coffee Break Devotions: Invigorating Blend of Reflections and Quotations to Energize Your Day, pp. 168-269. Submitted by Dette Joven, BCBP Calamba

The BCBP Breakfast is just the place to experience this warm, relaxed ambience and enjoy growing friendships with other businessmen and professionals and our Lord over a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate and a delicious breakfast. Of course, the music is inspirational, as are the personal testimonies of those who share their walk with the Lord. Your hunger, both physical and spiritual, will be satisfied.

Check on this website for the BCBP Breakfast nearest you. There are more than 100 weekly breakfasts throughout the major cities and municipalities in the Philippines. You will be heartily welcomed in the name of the Lord! P.S. If you are a first-timer, your breakfast is FREE.

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Angel S, Sabas September 6, 2010 - 6:45 am

Hi, ‘just want to register my appreciation.. great.

joey avellana August 8, 2010 - 3:37 pm

what a refreshing post, nancy and dette! i can almost smell the java!
keep it brewin! God bless!

Jedh Quenano August 8, 2010 - 3:21 am

A very good start for BCBP Calamba chapter in inviting new breed of businessmen & working professionals. God bless us all.


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