by BCBP Editor

Fr. Herb Scheinder, S.J., BCBP Spiritual Adviser

Happy 42nd Anniversary to all the brothers and sisters in the BCBP. I pray that the Lord will pour out His grace upon us abundantly and make us into disciples that really can bring Christ into the marketplace and win the marketplace for Christ, more so than ever before that in His hands the BCBP would be a chosen instrument to bring justice, righteousness, uprightness and integrity into the business world. May the Lord keep everybody in the BCBP under His protection especially at this time when apparently there is an upswing in the new COVID variant.

I pray for all of you. I wish you happiness and great joy to all brothers and sisters wherever you are. I want to thank you for your loyalty and faithfulness to the Lord and to the BCBP. I can assure you that I will keep all of you at this anniversary in my prayers and remember all of you at mass. May God bless you and continue to use you to serve Him and be His agent and proclaimer of the Gospel in the business world. Congratulations to all of you.

Caesar Altarejos, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dear BCBP Brothers and Sisters,

Our anniversary celebration this year is another major milestone. Over 42 years, we have grown by leaps and bounds. Amid the recent challenges in our environment brought about by the pandemic, geopolitical instability and its consequent deleterious effects on the economy of every nation and the wellbeing of every family and individual , our BCBP community is still growing stronger and expanding its horizon wider. We are now more than 20,000 strong, have 121 chapters nationwide and 35 outreaches, and an international presence in the USA, Canada, Singapore and other parts of Asia with 7 chapters and 4 outreaches.

But more than the growth in our numbers and our wider reach and presence, our BCBP community has printed an undeniable impact in our spirituality and the values that we live and espouse.

Our continuing transformation has made us better businessmen and professionals. Our businesses and professions have become our constant space where we proclaim and witness God.

Our theme is very timely and appropriate: RISE UP. Like St Paul the Apostle, we are being called every day and at every opportunity to stand up to become God’s servants and witnesses. A formidable call. By ourselves, it is difficult. But to everyone who believes and trusts God, nothing is impossible. The future we will be facing is rich with uncertainty and unpredictability. All of us will not be spared from the surging oil prices and its inflationary implications. Despite these mounting pressures, we must fear not. As God’s servants and witnesses, we must remain vigilant and steadfast in our belief that we will overcome all odds. God will make a way, He will always make something new every day in His mysterious ways.

Rising up means we are affirming that we are responding to God’s call that we belong to Him. Our road to Damascus is BCBP. It is here where we have encountered God and have been transformed, it is here where most of us have been called to serve and witness. Not in a dramatic fashion as St Paul did but in accordance with our unique gifts. After all, God has equipped us to pursue and fulfill our individual mission. To love Him is to serve Him; to serve Him is to entrust everything to Him.

Our celebration is also a moment of thanksgiving. We must always thank God for the abundance of His generosity. He continues to pour upon all of us His bountiful blessings. He is just too amazing in His goodness. We should never cease thanking him for we have every reason to give thanks to our Lord. We should also give thanks to the NAC 42 Committee for accepting the difficult responsibility of planning, organizing, directing and coordinating our anniversary celebration.

It is our abiding hope and ardent prayers that we will all meet face to face to celebrate our 43 NAC next year. There is no substitute to sharing the event with one another in persons, of expressing our joy and oneness with our warm hugs, our radiant smiles and our personal and intimate handshakes.

Peace, joy and love of God be yours always!

PV Beley, BCBP President

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For 42 years, the Lord has blessed the BCBP. From the few men who had breakfast decades ago, we have grown to over 20,000 members located in different parts of the globe. Rise Up is a reminder for us to be true and faithful to the mission and way of life the Lord has entrusted to us. Rise Up is a challenge for us, who have been called to the BCBP, to have the courage to embrace and live out the values of our faith and community if we are to be effective witnesses in the marketplace and in society. The Holy Spirit has empowered us for our work for the Lord. We just need to believe this and rise up.

Happy Anniversary brothers and sisters!

Jonathan Reyes, NAC42 Chairman

RISE UP! my brothers and sisters, LET US rise up!

This year, we will celebrate our trials and our victories! Recently, we have gone through tough times — natural disasters, pandemic, war and chaos. Yet, as ONE BCBP community, we stood still and our faith is NOT SHAKEN. We trust our Lord, for we know that His love is steadfast and His grace is enough. We continue to serve God, our country and our community, even in our most trying times. The NAC42 Organizers have gone through great lengths to offer our very best to the Lord in keeping our community inspired, uplifted and connected.

We call everyone to show up for the Lord and make a stand to continue being witnesses of His grace, love and mercy. May we keep on serving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength!

Happy Anniversary and God bless us all!

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