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July 1, 2013. The focus of the mission directorate at the moment is the realization of our KRAs which we formulated right after our Mission workshop last August 2012 in Tagaytay which was attended by 120 ‘mission people’ – MDs, OHs, Regional Mission Coordinators.

In order to closely monitor our mission programs we have put into place a new service of ‘regional mission coordinators’ who acts as mission consultants in their regions. They go around their regions monitoring our mission programs and coordinating with our AMDs, RCDs, CHs and MDs in trying to put things in order.

Our KRAs(Key Result Areas) are:

1. Awaken the ‘evangelistic zeal’ of the brotherhood by cascading the ‘Evangelization Program series’, creating regional mission teams, encouraging the sharing of marketplace victories and the opening of outreaches.

2. Improve the breakfast by a shift in focus to Men’s breakfast, institutionalizing the 20min Men’s sharing ( 30min max for joint ) and the creation of Chapter Sharing review teams, accreditation of sharers by region and putting in place a Matrix system in sharing of breakfast sharers by region.

3. Blue Sky approach to recruitment based on the principle “What we can do in bringing in the recruits which we have not done yet in Mission?” We are looking at innovations in recruitment by regions – through sportsfest, Men’s night out and Girls into Fitness in MetroManila; Media in central Luzon; Kapihan, invitation by sectors or professions in Southern Tagalog.

Since then I have visited 12 out of the 18 regions (NorthEast Luzon, Central Luzon, MetroManila No, MetroManila So, So Tagalog 1, So Tagalog 2, Bicol, Cebu, No Leyte and Samar, So West Leyte, West Mindanao, USA) trying to sell our mission goals. Our breakfasts now generally follows our new formats although we still face a big challenge in promoting the Men’s breakfast as a few Chapters still do not have a Men’s breakfast while more than half of our 40 outreaches only hold joint breakfasts.

Our ‘mission goals’ for the period 2012-14 :
1. 50 men : 50 women ratio ( 40 men : 60 women in end 2011)
2. increase our couple member ration to >80%
3. average age of membership <50 years old 4. membership in the 'management level' >35%

Tall order, very big challenge. I challenge all BCBP members to do your part in making these KRA’s and Mission Goals become a reality!

God bless the BCBP.
Mayong Rodriguez
NSC Mission

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Bro. Sally Kuizon, Jr., BCBP Cebu North January 4, 2014 - 4:58 pm

It seems that no one opens the website of BCBP Iloilo. I have communicated to anyone specially the breakfast head but nobody notices it. I send them through their comment section because they have no email address – there should be, at least, email ad of the breakfast head. Thank you bro. – Sally Kuizon, BCBP Cebu north

adolfo lioanag BCBP QC July 26, 2013 - 3:30 pm

What is the meaning of KRA?

BCBP admin July 26, 2013 - 4:18 pm

Hi Bro,

KRA means Key Result Areas


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