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This report was filed by Jun Saret, BCBP Bulacan Chapter.

To invigorate the BCBP in pursuing its NAC 2012 theme of “Go…I am with you”, more than 120 mission coordinators and directors from the BCBP’s different regions, chapters and outreaches nationwide attended the National Mission Workshop on August 3-5 at the Angels Hills Formation and Retreat Center, Tagaytay. Brothers Manolet Siojo, Mayong Rodriguez, Joey Avellana, Roy Calleja and Louie Morales inspired everyone as they presented their respective topics about BCBP’s marketplace evangelization. These model evangelizers expounded and emphasized the basics on how the Mission Directors should act passionately through the power of the Holy Spirit in “Bringing Christ into the marketplace and winning the marketplace for Christ”.

Bro Manolet presented the result of the National Strategic Planning Retreat last year. Their survey showed that many chapters had lost their evangelistic zeal. The leadership recognized that the community has aged, first timers are rare and some BCLP’s are even being postponed because of little attendance. So, Bro Manolet exhorted the Mission Teams to reach out to up-and-coming business executives, young businessmen/women, and energetic professionals who can take on the mind of Christ, make the mission/vision of the BCBP their own and stand with us as we do the work the Lord has called us to do.

Bro Joey explained that Evangelization is the duty and responsibility of every Catholic. He said that our goal in the BCBP is not just to win individuals for Christ. We must help the evangelized businessmen and professionals become part of a community of committed Christians like the BCBP so that their walk with the Lord can be supported with an environment where they can grow and develop as disciples and servants of the Lord. Thus, BCBP must bring back the spirit of mission work and evangelization in all the chapters and outreaches.

In Bro Roy’s talk, he explained that the 15 to 20 minutes Breakfast testimony should have the right content and message that will attract first timers to attend the BCLP. He emphasized that all breakfast sharings must be reviewed and edited by an “Editorial Group” before a first-time sharer is allowed to share.

Tatang Louie’s powerful talk discussed the various ways we evangelize in BCBP and stressed that Mission Teams are like the elite fighting Marines who are ever ready and full of passion to conquer new territories for God. He reminded the group that the conversion journey does not stop with oneself but needs to go beyond mere conversion to bringing others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to raise up chapters of committed and trained businessmen/women and professionals for the work that the Lord has entrusted to us.

Bro Mayong established 3 KRAs, Key Results Areas, to be undertaken by each chapter up to 2014. He has already organized regional evangelization teams composed of mission directors from every chapter/outreach, headed by Regional Mission coordinators who will be in charge of re-educating the community on the need to be disciples in the marketplace. Further, a core evangelization team will have to be organized per Chapter. It will be tasked to develop new evangelization strategies and programs that can adapt to changes in the business milieu. The regional mission teams will monitor and support their respective chapters/outreaches in carrying out their programs.

In order to re-instill the sense of mission among all leaders and members, Chapter Heads, with oversight from the National Council Director for Mission, would “Tighten the Basics.” By the middle of 2013, the regional mission teams should have cascaded the teachings of the Evangelization Series to all the Chapters.

Then, Chapter/OutreachHeads and their Mission Directors shall set targets to invite first timers into the breakfast. Each member will be tasked to bring in 1 new qualified serious member to attend the BCLP of the chapter every year. Hence, breakfast venues must be conducive to inviting businessmen and professionals. All Chapters must implement Men’s only breakfasts at a frequency that is appropriate for the area and implement a review session after each breakfast in accordance with the Guidelines.

Furthermore, chapters are encouraged to develop and test new methods for evangelization. For example, a Kapihan approach can be tried to see whether this will attract first timers before they are brought in to the mainstream. Regional Leadership Fora can be organized by BCBP chapters/regions that will have as their speakers acknowledged Christian Leaders in business where non-members can be invited.

During the final session of the weekend, the mission directors grouped per region and deliberated on the many possible approaches on how to bring BCBP into the center of their respective marketplaces thus making the BCBP brand known in their areas. Target-wise, by the end of 2014, BCBP shall have a 50:50 Men to Women ratio wherein couples make up more than 80 % of the membership. The average age of the Brotherhood must be less than 50 years old with more than 35% of its members holding ‘management positions’. Lastly, all identified potential outreaches must be opened by then.

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Frank Montelibano October 21, 2014 - 8:52 pm

To NSC-Mission Directorate: Bro, I noticed that there are different backdrops used during breakfast meetings in every chapter or outreach. I wish to inquire what are the unifirmed backdrops to be use to observe the “one look, one feel” atmosphere. Thanks for the clarification.


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