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By Nery Gula

neryWhile listening to Jun giving his talk on Prayers, Scriptures and Spiritual gifts for the nth time, I was touched and was inspired to make a prayer journal.

I made some attempts to do it in the past but I failed to sustain it. This time, with a new resolve, I am progressing quite well. Somehow I know the Lord is pleased with my effort. In one moment of grace I felt His presence very strongly during my prayer time. Tears just flowed after I praised and worshipped Him.

Then I was led to few little won-ders that help me to sustain this beautiful practice. I came across a beautiful prayer by Pope Francis that I now use for my opening prayer. I found a cute, red tote bag that I crocheted some years ago to contain my journal, the Daily Gospel 2014 booklet, the “Word among Us” reflection guide and my pen.

Really, God blesses sincere in-tentions.


BCBP Mactan Newsletter – Taytayan February 2014 Issue

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