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LIFE is an opportunity, avail it.
LIFE is beauty, admire it.
LIFE is bliss, taste it.
LIFE is a dream, realize it.
LIFE is a challenge, meet it.
LIFE is a duty, complete it.
LIFE is a game, play it.
LIFE is costly, care for it.
LIFE is wealth, keep it.
LIFE is love, enjoy it.
LIFE is a mystery, know it.
LIFE is a promise, fulfill it.
LIFE is sorrow, overcome it.
LIFE is a song, sing it.
LIFE is a struggle, accept it.
LIFE is a tragedy, embrace it.
LIFE is an adventure, dare it.
LIFE is luck, make it.
LIFE is life, defend it.
Reflection: What is the meaning of LIFE to you?

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  1. Life is an opportunity; make it count!

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