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By: Jess and Nena Paras, BCBP Cagayan de Oro
NAC37 Chairpersons

12645261_1746310182265678_5802379408897652909_nMuch has been said about the recently concluded BCBP 37th Anniversary Celebration held in the Atrium of the Limketkai Mall of Cagayan de Oro City last April 21 and 22, 2017. So many congratulatory notes and texts. So many kudos and pats on the back with words such as ” it’s the BEST NAC EVER! ” or “It was the most organized NAC we have ever attended” or even “NAC 37 Flawless from arrival to departure” and so on and so forth. All these praises that made us smile, blush and thank God all in one go.

But what most people do not know and realize is the number of months it took us of painstaking preparation, brainstorming, meetings, reporting and practice to make it the huge success it was. Yup, it took 10 long months of the above, from July 2016 to April 2017, and still counting as we do wrap up and evaluation activities today. Just imagine 10 months of constant follow ups and monitoring of all activities can be gruesome if not for the fact that the Lord was with us from the beginning and we acknowledge Him and applaud Him for this NAC success.

As chairpersons of the event we accepted the challenge to head the organization knowing full well what the daunting task ahead needed and meant: no more social life, less family life, lots and lots of patience, loads of humility and submission to authority and most of all non stop constant prayers and rosaries. Together with our vibrant steering Committee composed of the Chapter Heads Noel, Bobby and Jolou, RCD Dondi and NAC Chair Jess and spouses we burned the candle at both ends to get ideas and man the different Committees accordingly. It also meant we needed to think and step outside of the box in order to make our NAC not just one to remember but to make it a noteworthy event worthy of being labeled as a “game-changer”.

So we noted the huge flaw in the old deposit slip payment system and the very tedious manual tracking system that was in place. Jess worked for 4 long months with BDO, with BCBP and with Bro Jimmy Jegonia’s on line registration system to finally come out with this current super effective and practical “Deposit Reference System” which you all learned in registering this year. And we must say that it has become the most efficient system to date and we proudly pass this on to you for future use.

18121142_1519663254713547_4766232817351079800_o(Photo: NAC37 – turn over of P1M donation to st patrick’s house for elderly priests)

Another thing we did which was very much appreciated is that we fully operated the NAC Care system from the very start, where our committee members called the Chapters assigned to them to assist them in all their needs, from registration to information to bookings and so on and so forth. In effect each Chapter had their own “friend” in Cagayan de Oro and it was a great success for NAC and a rewarding experience for us. NAC Care is the personal touch needed for a successful hosting of any NAC.

As chairpersons we recognized the fact that we were so limited in terms of man power with only 2 chapters to count on. So, with the Lord on our side we immediately set out to establish good rapport between the 2 Chapters by dividing the workload equally between them with our attention focused on recognizing each persons gifts, talent and abilities. Thus we were able to man the committees with the perfect committee heads who in turn formed and invited their own committee members. We initially met with all of them and shared with them our visions and dreams of how we wanted the NAC to be handled and from there on they were given the “full freedom” to make their own plans in accordance with the goals we had mentioned and with little or practically no interference from us other than reporting at general or committee meetings. From our end what we did was to readily TRUST them to do their jobs and supported and encouraged them along the way. They were their own committees little presidents and we were just their consultants. And it worked!

And this trust doesn’t happen without producing good and lasting results and that is why joyful service was payed forward to you throughout the activities. And so it was our joy and pleasure and honor to have welcomed and served you all in Nac 37. And from all of us here in BCBP Cagayan de Oro East and West Chapters we thank you all for the opportunity we were given to serve. To God alone is the glory and to us all His blessings.

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Jimi J May 17, 2017 - 2:08 pm

Giving the big chunk of the NAC surplus to the church workers is a sign genuine generosity and salute you guys for it. The Lord knows where your hearts are and blessed you with overflowing abundance in many ways.

It’s a mother of all NACs in terms of performance in all aspects and innovations. It’s a service focus, well-planned and well-timed-executed events in a jam-packed venue. There’s one event that could have been better (in my personal opinion) but beyond Host control. Kodus to the anointed NAC37 Chairman and all dedicated committee heads and members for the service par excellence. Congratulations!


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