NAC 41 participants told: Focus on Jesus, avoid distractions

by BCBP Editor

Barely 48 hours before the start of what could be its biggest event yet, the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) enjoins its members to focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and avoid distractions to maximize the virtual experience of its 41st National Anniversary Celebration or NAC 41.

In a Facebook message, BCBP Chairman Bro. Caesar Altarejos told the Kapatiran that BCBP members need to remember that though the way the NAC will be held this year is different, the reason why it is being done has not changed.

“While NAC 41 is unique as we will hold it virtually, our purpose for doing it remains unchanged. Our Lord Jesus continues to be the center of our celebration,” he said.

Bro. Caesar noted that the NAC has served as the crescendo of all BCBP activities every year since 1980, the year the BCBP began. It was only last year that the event did not push through because of the lockdowns.

“The NAC is a moment when all of us gather together as one community driven by the common desire to praise, worship and proclaim the Lord. It is our celebration of God’s unceasing graciousness and goodness despite our shortcomings and the challenges around us. At the same time, it is a fellowship to experience the presence of our brothers and sisters, to meet and break bread with one another, and to sing, dance and have fun with themm,” he said.

The focus on our Lord Jesus is highlighted by the NAC 41’s theme “Breakout” which is inspired by the verse in the Gospel of Matthew when our Lord Jesus asked the apostle Peter to step out of the boat and and walk on the raging sea. Peter was able to walk on water, but began to sink when he lost focus on the Lord.

“More than ever, we have to focus on Jesus. And the NAC 41 reminds us to do that,” Bro. Caesar said.

For his part, BCBP President Bro. PV Beley sent his own message encouraging BCBP members to make sure they are completely “zoned in” when they attend the NAC 41 activities beginning with the Worship Night tomorrow, August 20, at 6:00 pm.

“Since everything will be virtual, we strongly suggest that everyone be in a spirit of prayer, be in a place with no distractions like kids playing or television. Let us make this our prayer time so we can better appreciate this historic worship assembly,” he said.

The two-day NAC 41 will also have a Breakfast Meeting on Saturday morning, a Eucharistic celebration on Saturday afternoon, and a “Sabado Night” Fellowship event where Praise Jam videos will be streamed.

Some 10,000 participants from 175 chapters, outreaches and missions in the Philippines, United States, Canada, and the Asia Pacific region are expected to watch live via the BCBP TV channel on Youtube and the BCBP Kapatiran Facebook page.

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