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By Jan Maninding, BCBP Taguig

When our chapter head asked me to share something about my experience in NAC, I wondered what should I talk about that would be worth your time to listen to me. For me the experience based alone on how the celebration was conducted gave me goosebumps. Seeing a huge number of people gathered together with so much enthusiasm in their hearts to praise and honor God, gave me an indescribable feeling. A kind of joyous feeling but it was something different, something a little like when you are in love and always wear a smile in your face. A delighted feeling that was mild and yet overflowing.

1stTimersI try to relate the NAC to my CLP experience, the latter, was my baptism with the Holy Spirit, and the NAC, was the confirmation that completed my bona fide membership in the BCBP. I was trying to find the right term or word to use to explain how I felt, but no word in this world can exactly fit how I wanted to describe it. Maybe in God’s language there is. Thank you Jesus for such mmm experience.

Thank you, too, BCBP. It’s worth reiterating the awesomeness of the huge number of people and the amazing oneness in every individual’s desire to honor and praise GOD at that time. Truly there is strength in togetherness, and our prayers were definitely loudly heard by God when the community prayed together, especially so during that time.

I highly regard the individual effort of all participants who went there to celebrate the anniversary of the BCBP community, a community that is formed to give Glory to God. It was the concerted effort of all that made it so successful. Our celebration was offered to God. To honor Him, give thanks and praises. I believe that God loved it.

When we grouped ourselves into small groups of 5, it was the moment that I felt the presence of GOD, I found myself crying and feeling grateful for everything that was going on around me. Truly it was a moment to rejoice that I belong to a community which advocacy is to bring knowledge of Jesus to those who do not know Him.

Attending the NAC for me was such a very rewarding experience. The sharers who imparted to us their inspiring experiences made me look forward to what God has in store for me. At the same time I also hope that whatever it is that God wanted me to do for Him, I may be able to fulfill, according to His will and through His guidance.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this community. I pray that through the help of my BCBP community, I can serve you. I am still so human and sinful but so hopeful that just like St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Mary Magdalene, I may become Holy through Your mercy and forgiveness. Amen.

By Annie Uy, BCBP Taguig

I had a memorable, spirit-filled and also fun-filled event in our BCBP NAC 37 held in CDO. The four days has taught us that a community of Brothers and Sisters in Christ can bring us closer to our Lord.

The Praise and Worship during the Friday Assembly, followed by the sharing of our various members has given us an inspiration on how to follow the Lord’s footsteps into being true servants of God. The uniformity in our attire is just like we are all one in a sea of humanity wearing the same T-shirts, and having the same carry-all bag.

The next day’s Grand Breakfast went on a fast pace because we came in late, though the energy and atmosphere of a BCBP Breakfast was still there. Then next we had the Grand Fellowship night where everyone had a grand time on the dance floor. An amusing part of the program was when the members of the Board of Trustees and ManCom together with their respective wives gave a dance number. In addition, that night we had our own Taguig Sing-along fellowship night.

17990843_10211880537785595_6837290731980282082_nSomehow I missed those who were not with us in CDO and at the back of my mind I came to realize, this is us in Taguig; at the end of the day we stay together as a family of God with all our imperfections, sad moments, our corny joke time, how we show concern for one another when the need arises. We are all here because we have Christ in the center of our lives.

Big thanks and hugs to the Taguig Chapter Team who were involved in this great endeavor most especially (from Day 1 of our NAC preparation) Sis Gen Castillo, Sis Vangie Ibazeta, Bro Ed Ibazeta and others who I may forget to mention now. Thank you too to Bro Francis and Sis Shasha Dumlao’s family for that delicious and tummy-filled dinner last Thursday night. Thank you Lord and Mama Mary for answered prayers, for a safe trip (Mnl to CDO, CDO to Mnl, as well as for the local tours around CDO c/o Sis Gen Castillo). Also to Bro Julius and Sis Irish Navelgas, our constant photographers.

With all of these experiences burned into our memory we hope to see everyone in Subic for NAC 38. All for His glory!

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