I wish for you a Happy, Blessed and Fruitful New Year! This is the time of year when we not only look back to review our life in 2011, the year just past, but more importantly, we look forward to what we would like our year 2012 to be.

The year 2011 was notable for the severity of weather and storms that devastated large areas of the Philippines, as well as equally severe weather conditions in other parts of the world. We were plagued by political storms, too, as well as threatening economic conditions, pocket wars and uncertain peace and order situations world-wide.

What then have we to look forward to? We can just take a back seat and watch the world pass by; we can complain, criticize and point fingers at everyone besides ourselves; or, we can decide and choose to notice the beautiful things in life, the blessings received from God, the smiles of family and friends, and choose to share these blessings with others. We can look for the rainbow that God has promised us will appear after every storm.

I remember my grade school teacher, Mrs. Goodspeed, in, if I remember right, either grade 1, 2, or 3, who drilled us in repeating this phrase: “Today, I will notice at least one beautiful thing.” And every morning she would call at random on one of us students to share about the beautiful thing we had noticed the day before. This was our “show and tell” activity every morning.

I was reminded of this valuable habit upon reading a story on the GodVine website several days ago. It was about a teacher who shared these words with her class:

“Each of us is put here on earth to learn, share, love, appreciate and give of ourselves. None of us knows when this fantastic experience will end. It can be taken away at any moment. Perhaps this is God’s way of telling us that we must make the most out of every single day.

“So I would like you all to make me a promise. From now on, on your way to school, or on your way home, find something beautiful to notice. It doesn’t have to be something you see – it could be a scent — perhaps of freshly baked bread wafting out of someone’s house, or it could be the sound of the breeze slightly rustling the leaves in the trees, or the way the morning light catches one autumn leaf as it falls gently to the ground.

“Please look for these things, and cherish them. For, although it may sound trite to some, these things are the “stuff” of life. The little things we are put here on earth to enjoy. The things we often take for granted. We must make it important to notice them, for at any time… it can all be taken away.”

These words of wisdom become significant in view of the sudden and unexpected recent devastation caused by Sendong and the continuing rains this past week. We can choose to either be depressed and discouraged, or we can notice the beautiful things around us and look for the goodness of God in these happenings. Not only look for God’s goodness, but to also share His goodness with others.

This New Year 2012 let us choose to take positive and spirit-upbuilding action by reaching out to those in need and sharing even the little we have with them. For as we get older, it is not the things we did that we often regret, but the things we failed to do.

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Bobby Atendido January 7, 2012 - 1:30 pm

Amen… Thanks for the reminder. Media always depresses us with bad news. There are many beautiful things happening in life if only we care to look around us. May God be praised for His creation.


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