Last Sunday we attended the 18th birthday party of our granddaughter Boni. How excitingly different from the usual “debut”! It was termed a ‘street party and a pool party’. The venue was a cozy brick-laid courtyard under a tented roof; about one third of the courtyard sported a lovely raised swimming pool complete with several mini waterfalls. On one side of the courtyard was a sound-proof karaoke room for those who wanted to sing. In the back a photo booth took crazy and not-so-crazy pictures of the party-goers.

Everyone was advised to come in pink, Boni’s favorite color, and to bring whatever they could to add to the party. Some brought food, others brought their bands for the jam session contest between 18 groups of Boni’s friends, others just brought themselves. Instead of the traditional cotillion, there were stories told, fun games, the jam sessions and dance contests, amid plenty of balloons both pink and black. And of course the evening was not complete without everyone getting wet and splashing in the pool!

Boni’s party was very different than the ones of her older sisters. Bianca, the number one sister, celebrated her 18th with an informal, relatively quiet, close family and friends dinner and gift-giving evening. Bea, the number two sister, had a more formal dressy affair with formal program. Bez, the number three sister, held a masquerade/costume party at a clubhouse venue. We wonder what Boni’s younger sisters, the twins, will do for their 18th birthday in 2012!

Our children grow up so fast nowadays! It seems that the generation gap is shrinking, too! I overheard Bianca (10 years older than Boni and married with a darling 1-month old baby boy, busy settling into their new home) remark, “Was I ever this crazy when I was that age?” Well, it just goes to show that every person is unique, and every age of young people have their own way of partying. If Bianca, who is only 10 years older than Boni, feels the widening gap, how much more do her mom and me, her grandmother!

However, young folks ought to know that we, their elders, know more about being young than they do about being old. As my father used to say, “The older the violin, the sweeter the music.” And I say, “Amen to that!”

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edelmapile July 31, 2010 - 8:23 pm

wonderful! These young people are so creative, so fearless in trying ways to enjoy. Wish we were like that in our younger years. Well, their parents are not ours. our parents went thru tougher times than we did. We thank the Lord for their genes. which we passed on to our kids. God is good all the time!


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