Last November 12, 2011, the BCBP Pasay ladies trooped over to the Villamor Air Base Elementary School library to have breakfast with fifteen young students and their mothers. After enjoying a hearty meal of boneless bangus, egg, fried chicken, rice and orange juice, the children and their moms took part in a rosary-making workshop conducted by the BCBP ladies.

Each adult received a kit with materials enough to create a 5-decade rosary while the children were given kits to make a 1-decade rosary bracelet. The children also received a box of crayons, rosary guide and a coloring book that contained drawings and stories (in English and Filipino) about each mystery of the rosary. The book served as a teaching tool as well as a fun activity book for the kids.

The actual workshop began with Sis Virgie Cid providing an introduction about the BCBP and our mission and values, followed by an opening prayer led by Sis Dory Macalanda. Sis Dory was an enormous help in coordinating the logistics of the activity. Opening remarks were given by the ladies breakfast head, Sis Mimi Nolledo. Sis Lolit Riego facilitated the workshop, assisted by Sis Menchie Marcelo who also served as the emcee. After the workshop, Sis Es Guce gave a short talk about the promises of the Blessed Mother Mary followed by the closing prayer led by Sis Susan Resurreccion. Everyone took home the rosaries they had created.

It was a big surprise that the mothers of the school children did not know how to pray the rosary. One mother and her child tearfully shared how grateful they were to have an opportunity to be part of the activity. The mother said that she had a lot of concerns and her worries will be alleviated as she can now pray to Mama Mary. It filled our hearts to hear this.

The ladies breakfast head would like to thank those who helped and participated, and also to Dr. Rolando Soriano, the school principal and Mrs Gemalyn Ong, the guidance counselor who graciously allowed us to do the outreach in their school. This rosary-making outreach activity is in line with one of the objectives of the BCBP Pasay Chapter’s Ladies Breakfast, that is, to hold mini-outreach programs at least once a year to provide the ladies a concrete opportunity to reach out and spread God’s love to the less fortunate.

By Mimi Nolledo, BCBP Pasay

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